Transfer to Int Corps - yey or ney????

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by arnold_rimmer, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. I am a junior captain and getting very pissed off with my current regt and thinking about transferring to the INT Corps. What is the career structure like for INT Corps Officer ??? and what jobs can I expect to be doing ???

  2. What's p*ssing you off about your current situation?
  3. If its anything like transfering as a SNCO then dont do it!
  4. Doesn't the lobotomy leave a scar?
  5. I'm tired of being given only 2 weeks notice of life-changing posting orders! I want to know if the INT Corps are better at giving any advance warning about future postings? is it more ordered and straight forward to work out where you are going next?
  6. To (mis) quote Monty Python "why do you want to join the Int Corps?"

    If the answer is: just because my MCM Div is Sh!te then reconsider.

    If the answer contains: Aston Martin, Dinner Suit or Walther PPK then reconsider.

    If the answer contains: I want to work with some of the most talented (ie bizarre) JNCOs in the world then you are along the right lines.

    There is a DIN somewhere that tells you what to do if you are interested. First stop (after ARRSE of course) is OC of local MI Sect.

    Good luck!

    You will need it :D
  7. I'd definitely say go for it, but as stated, if your reasons are as those listed above, they won't have you! I can't speak specifically about the process as an officer, but for JNCO/SNCO level, they don't take just anyone.

    Good luck whatever you do decide.
  8. They officers that transferred into the Corps that I got to know during my time never seemed to regret it. Not many go the other way (Mike Jackon must get a mention in the following posts :) )
  9. I hope this is only one strand of your research. I cannot imagine a more terrifying collection of old & bold, or wind up merchants to base a future career move on!

    As long as things haven't changed too much for the worst expect your NCOs, Junior as well as Senior, to not be slow in pointing out errors or failings of intellect. 8O

    Or pissed all the time!

    And will you spot the difference? :roll:
  10. Let's begin with...If you're pissed off with your current Regt with timescale's etc....welcome to the Army - it is 2009 and things will be the same for the forseeable future. But you are an Officer, you should know that. As for transfer. The INT CORPS readily welcome Junior (and some senior) Captains on transfer, but expect to attend a 4 month(ish) course, which is not an attendance course. By asking what jobs you would do already rings alarm bells with me. As an Officer, i would expect a bit more knowledge of the INT CORPS.

    My thoughts only

  11. what a wanky reason to want a transfer to the Intelligence Corps.

    what cap badge are you at the moment?

    p.s. it's very straightforward to "work out where you are going next". simply look on your assignment order ;)
  12. I think you should stop dripping and man up.

    Thank fcuk you weren't one of my officers.
  13. AR - Check your PMs.

  14. God forbid anyone try and find a job they actually want to do!
  15. So, no chance of making Major in your mob then?