Discussion in 'Gunners' started by sy-guy, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Just need a bit of advice. im a serving soldier in AMS and im bored with being a semi REMF, looking for a more combat role, would it be worth transfering to a OP assitant? oh im 27 and a full screw!! thanks
  2. Questions

    1. Are you regular or TA

    if reg then are you interested in either

    1. OP

    2. Special OP

    (the links in the previous post ar for Special OP)

    Whatever the circumstance its a great job
  3. Or give 148 Commando Forward Observation Bty goprobably (and with no disrepect to 4/73) the best job in the artillery!! You certainly won't find a better challenge outside of UKSF Ltd!

    Downside is you may have to revert on completion of your courses! However high pay bracket and para pay may help with that!

    If you interested PM me and I will find out where the instructions are for applying i been out the unit for 2 years!
  4. thank so far guys. for welly head im regular and at the moment im interested in normal op assistant.
  5. Thought as much, whenever other arms and OP pops up its usually for the more "special" roles. that involves lots and lots of tabbing

    27, full screw non RA, you'll have a problem mate unless you are prepared to drop at least one rank, its nothing to do with whether you would be wanted, its just the powers that be will block it for money reasons (cost to train you lost, cost to retrain you added)

    Also I very much doubt they will let you saunter in nd do OP's as its one job tht is pretty much covered, in my day, swings lantern, you would be sent to a Gun Battery and then they would choose where to stick you on the ORBAT, not sure if that happens anymore.

    The other option is to volunteer for service with either 4/73 (if you like living in holes and tabbing) or 148 (if you like badges, oh and tabbing)
  6. TABBING freaking TABBING!!!!!

    Only the great unwashed tab Welly gentlemen yomp!
  7. Tabbing/ Yomping all the same save the colour of yer head (you still put one foot infront o the other quickly).

    Oh how I remember the blissfull days of OP-ing around out of site of our BSM attached to the tankies who's QM dished out crates of beer nightly and the infantry who would chop you a trench out of solid rock (well it felt like it to me).

    Then I did 3 tours back to back and totally forgot what gunnery or signals was.

    Now i'm a civvie and can look back and snigger.

  8. me and you both Ibbo!!
  9. Yomp ? Isn't that like walking, only slower ? Sorry no Royal chat here friend, shove your hot wets and get the brews on :wink:
  10. Yes slower but more with more weight!! Perfect example in the Falklands with the Paras flying forward in light scales, well light if daysacks with belt kit weighing 80 llbs can be considered light to take ground then Royal yomping thru with all their kit!
    Can't help it welly i'm sat in the middle of the north sea on an oil rig and old habits die hard!