Transfer to ETS

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to transfer direct to the ETS from the ranks? What are the quals required? I know a degree is necessary - mine is a Masters in modern languages. Obviously I would like to put this to good use if at all possible.

What are the age / rank / time left requirements, if any?
There should be a DIN on the subject somewhere.

From what I recall, if you're a Cpl or higher with 9+ years service, you can apply via the LE route.

Otherwise, the DE route is open to you, but that includes the full Commissioning Course (44wks) at RMAS.

If you don't have any luck finding the DIN, let me know. All the best,

The LE route is NOT an option available to JNCOs. The only choice you have is to apply for a DE commission (assuming you are within the age bracket).

Good luck and just out of interest what is your current job?
There is a DIN on the subject, but in essence you must be

2. Have an honours degree or better
3. be recommended.

Check the DIN and talk to your local AEC.

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