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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by simply_Nash, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Ok now I’m not sure if this is the right forum because I haven’t seen any mention of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps on here. However I am assuming this forum is for the AMS as a hole and not just the medic’s, doctors and nurses so I will take a risk and ask anyway.

    So to get to the point I am currently serving in the Royal Armoured Corps and am keen to try a new challenge within the army. After looking at as many careers as possible dog trainer was certainly the job that grabbed my attention the most.

    I was hoping there may be someone on this site who can give me as much relevant information as possible on the job and what to expect if I transfer. This will help as I can then prepare for any tests or assessments they may have, and when I do formalise my decision to move I can go to the relevant people and show them I’ve done my homework and I’m serious about moving.

    Thank you in advance for any help I receive

    Yours a bored Trooper
  2. Steady, thats a bit judgemental for a man who is yet to join us. 8O
  3. You go to Melton Mowbray for your basic dog handlers course and then the vet corps guys and dolls do the aes dog (ammo & eplosives search ???) course they can specialise into drug search as well the other main posting long term is sunny sennelager but they do go to sunny climes on Op Signets from time to time and as you progress you go onto kennel managers courses etc
    You can go and do the patrol dog handlers course before you rebadge just in case walking 50kg GSDs is not for you i really enjoyed my course and its money for old rope but you only get out what you put in so if you cant be arrsed to get in sunday and exercise/clean up then dont bother but thats about the only bad part and even then you can look after your mates dog and he can do it for you so its not every weekend.
    You need to be willing to get stuck in dont get hammered every night and just listen to what your being taught we had one guy who didnt and ended up with 8 puncture wounds so next time he listened funny that.
    other than that mate the tests are not that hard (if you listen) and the 3km run with the dog isnt hard at all (thats if they still do it my course was in 97)
  4. I think that he meant that the AMS is a hole, or he might have been thinking of Keogh, once home of the AMS, as in 'Keogh is a shite hole since it became Tri-service' or if he was talking about the AMS then Im sure he meant 'whole', as in 'on the whole the AMS treats its troops like shite'. That sort of thing.

    with regards to his original question, I have no idea.
  5. I think you kinda summed things up quite nicely there FF :)

    As to being a dog trainer/handler, best of luck Simply_Nash......
  6. i did my reggie handlers course in 2002 and they dont make you run anymore but you are right about the rest, loads of cleaning and walking etc etc and i will admit idid find the tests quite challenging but well worth it in the end, the best course i have done by far, baiters course was good too, i mean how many people can say they hve giant GSD's hurled at them for a living? :lol:
  7. Once watched the instructor say "When i tell you to release your dog"
    So the bloke did instructor crapped himself and ran past shouting "BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS************AAAAAAARRRRRRRRDDDDDDSSSSSSSS"
    Very funny though but was still a top course
  8. i like it when you hear the horror stories of baiting, heard one about the course idiot who was sprinting away from AT dog and fed his left arm, silly arrse, made me laugh though if it was true or not.

    also had a lad from my unit binned because during practical sessions he kept taking the wrong dog from the tether point pmsl!!!

  9. Mate what a mong imagine coming back and finding your dog gone!
    Watched one bloke in full suit smack the rottie round the face so it waited then flattened him from behind
    Then went up the trouser leg and bit him on the achilles could hear the screams from miles away
    His handler minced up slowly whispering "Leave" then saying "Hit my bloody dog will you"
    That'll teach him
  10. lmao! they are really smart too, we had this nightmare dog, patrol, who knew exactly where the soft spots were on the suit, the cocky little bug**r used to run past you then come in from the front and crush the end of the sleeveswhere there was least protection, he had a bloody hard bite too!
  11. Two years ago, one of my soldiers tried to transfer to be a Dog Handler but they were full and told me that they weren't recruiting in the immediate future. One very unhappy soldier and little I could do about it.

    I would give you the contact details but DII ate my contacts database as I was leaving! Sorry!

  12. Ok so far 9 posts only one with any useful information the rest stories……….that’s a pretty good result here on arrse I believe 

    I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me more on the chances off there being a space available to transfer into and if not who I could contact outside my regiment
    to find this information out

    and finally I’m gutted I put my last post through a spell checker about three times determined not to get picked up on spelling and or grammar! F@ck loada good that did and if anyone is still unsure I did mean “the AMS as a whole”

    Thank you for the advice so far guys its more than I've had from anywhere else I’m back off to my un air condioned tent now to sweet another 3 stone off and try to sleep out here in the sandpit

    Sleep tight
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had an AES search bod rtu'd back to Bn from an op tour, Derry I think, he went a bit odd when his dog was put down due to serious illness. They left him in sigs pln where he had very limited access to firearms! Nice chap though and all the handlers we met over the water were nice if not a little odd. Way back in 82 one of my oppos in a rifle coy went on the course as it was deemed to be necessary to have Dog Handlers trained at about 1 per rifle coy for some reason that was never explained. he thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was in Sennelager and was really pushed to opt for detachment for 2 years but his wife apparently was dead set against it! 2 years in ebrington wasnt why she went to BAOR!
  14. Before I heard about the easy life that was SIB, I spent some time as a RMP dog handler. The tales following the dreaded shout 'Dog Loose' are all true. As for would you like it - you are either a dog man or you are not and would find outvery soon in training.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I had very little to do with the dogs apart from the AES black lab in XMG from 87-88. Poor thing put on so much weight until they moved our accom which stopped us walking back from the sloppies to our pit! We kipped on the floor of the pigs shed which was very well ventilated!
    That said I now train gundogs and breed them as a hobby. Only been bitten once by a clients mutt. I blame the wife, she's a canine psychologist, for giving me all the loony cases!