Transfer to Australian Regular Army

Hi folks

Has anyone here gone through the interviews in London

Im due to go for interview in August, would like to hear anyones experiences, questions asked etc.

I have got in touch with a couple of colleagues who have been successful in recent years - their only regrets seem to be that they didnt apply earlier.

Any help - gratefully received

Ok - I haven't but I applied via the Australian Exchange Officer at my depot and it was determined that no interview by the travelling recruiting team was required. Bottom line in my experience is what trade you are and what you can offer. Australian immigration is stricter than a strict thing and no matter how much the ADF want you, they have to bust their a$$es to persuade the immigration mob that you are a worthwhile migrant. Therefore if you are in the Australian equivalent of a pinch point trade it should be a shoe-in - I'm guessing REME air tech, any kind of aircrew, infantry (they're adding 2 x Bns to the ORBAT), various R SIGNALS trades, particularly those associated with certain languages.

My experience - I initially interviewed in Dec 05 and without boring you with the saga but there have been delays - I got the e-mail last Friday saying 'yes we reckon we can swing this' - however - my trade is not a pinch point (I had heard from my contacts that my equivalent capbadge in OZ had wanted me from the middle of last year - the issue is convincing the immigration mob).

From here on in I've got more hurdles to jump but the acceptance is the main thing.

Bottom line - the more you can convince them that you are of value, the better chance you have. I know it doesn't sound encouraging but hope it helps - PM if you want for more info.

I have been through the process and have PM'd you with contact details should you wish to get in touch for advice.


Thanks for all your info, you've been more than brilliant!

Combattinman - unfortunately I possess a golden ticket (as in charlie and the wonka man) in that Im a nurse, which opens doors with immigration beyond belief.

Fingers crossed

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