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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Tiger1980, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I am hoping to transfer from Infantry to RLC as a AT. On my transfer paperwork I need to give detailed reasons for my transfer. Has anyone got advice on any buzz words or phrases to make this stand out to the selection board? Many thanks.
  2. Splitter.
  3. What's wrong with wanting something better?
  4. Years ago the selection board was made up soley of ATs & ATOs.
    The most acceptable answer was "for the money!", as it was completey honest.

    Nowadays, it might be better sticking with "it's one of, if not the most respected jobs in the Army".
  5. Most Units within the army tend to say that.
  6. Stick your honest reasons down here and we'll help you refine them.

    What do you know of the trade?

    How are you academically?
  7. I recently spoke to a RLC AT officer and have been down to the EOD locally to speak to them. I have a good understanding of what the job can involve ( pros and cons). I want to aim to be part of a EOD unit and progress within. I have the grades needed Cs in maths, English and dual science.
    I have been in the infantry for 11 years and have a recommendation for promotion to CPL. I want a change of trade to be able to gain new skills that I can use both on tour and in the Uk.
    Unlike the infantry when the only time we do the job we are trained to, is on operations.
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  8. Nothing at all!

    Go for it. Speak to a few ATs and ATOs. Try the staff at Kineton and Shrivenham where baby ATs are trained. Get off your arrse and do a bit of work for yourself. 'Buzz words and phrases' will make you look an utter cock and they will see straight through you. Do some digging, know your subject, be honest, but most of all, know what the **** you are talking about.

    Good luck.

    p.s. 11 years and already a L/Cpl......... - Will they want you?

    p.p.s. You're still a splitter!
  9. That's just it will my length of service count against me? I would have thought that it would be good. As i have operational experience so would be able to be deployed sooner.
  10. Don't worry about your length of service, we like well grounded individuals. If you pass selection and training you could always get VEng and Long service if it's still about by then. You'll still reach Staffy poss WO2 in the time you've remaining.

    It's not all about EOD, you're bread and butter is ammunition and explosives safety. Your first assignment will more than likely be 821 Sqn, you may get some EOD experience, but it's mostly providing support to deployments.

    If I was on the panel I'd want to know why you hadn't been promoted further.
  11. I think that is due to my posting at the moment. Last 2 grades were B and B+. but due to not having junior Brecon under my belt its a no go.
    Thank you for your advice. Will have to see if I can get a week with a unit somewhere to get heads up.
  12. ....And the next blindingly obvious question is "Why haven't you Done Jrs?" Are you being a little shy with the facts and you've tried but failed? If you've failed - why?
  13. No haven't tried. I was taking a different route but was dead mans shoes in that job. And if I do juniors then that's me stuck in that career stream.
  14. OK....Care to expand? It's by no means a show stopper, but you'll certainly be quizzed as to why you "chose" not to follow the most obvious route for an aspiring infanteer. A bit like joining as an AT then deciding that you'd prefer to go down the non ammo route....!
  15. Or the non IEDD route ;-)