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Hello to all. I have a friend in the Royal Navy who is very interested in trying to transfer over to the army and become a nurse. In a nutshell the navy are closing the doors on her trying to been a navy nurse, so hence why she's hoping to go through it with the army. She's also been told by the army that they are not currently accepting transfers until further notice. Just after some basic info as to what she should expect in life as an army nurse, the pros/cons and anything that maybe useful to help her get in.
Is your friend already a qualified nurse in the RN?

Only the recruiters can offer the very latest gen really.

I know that nursing in the RAF as a trade is effectively closed to recruiting at the moment, but i believe they are accepting applications to be held over until the next financial year- so it is worth your friend applying, but they may have a wait.

I would imagine the same or similar applies to the QARANC.
No, she's been trying to transfer to nursing from another trade but between the navy and birmingham uni, they keep changing the criteria! I think it'll have to wait until next april, the army aren't taking trade or service transfers until then! Thanks for your comments.

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