Transfer to Army Legal Service from the Infantry


Does anyone have any information or Experience about retraining as a Barrister within the ALS. I see there is a DIN for the RN/RM, but can not find anything for the Army.



I qualified as a barrister in civvy street (did a law degree, sat the bar exams etc etc) and applied to the army legal service but was told no joy until i do a pupillage.... which the army doesnt offer... Interestingly, if you join the navy and train to be an officer, serve for 3 years, they will pay a civvy firm to take you on for a year to do your pupillage then you can return as a legal officer. I cant find anything similar in the army?

Let me know if you find out any more info please!
Unfortunately the Army will only take full qualified lawyers and in the current economic climate with thousands of unemployed solicitors and qualified barristers I am reliably informed you need at least 3-5 years PQE to apply.


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Complete the form below to locate active duty legal activities offering general The United States Armed Forces Legal Assistance website provides a Legal Services Locator that allows people to search for military legal offices.

Thanks for that. This is a British Army web site though.

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