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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RAFLogistics, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Currently served 8 years in the RAF Logistics (supplier), SAC, and am considering what the Army could have to offer me?

    The RLC is my obvious choice. Where would i start, would experiance count for anything, have plently of 'Q's i.e, dangerous goods, many F/L Q's. Have 5 GCSE's.

    The main reason for change is the better promotion and posting prospects the Army has.
  2. Are you mad? also RAF Supply is a pinch trade, so will have to wait your 12 months for a PVR.
  3. Yes, promotion is faster, but you will be out at your 22 point (unless selected for LE commission). You can serve to 55 in the RAF. The RAF could really benefit from a LCpl rank to both encourage and reward tradesmen rather than relying on an intimate knowledge of which of the 'propellermen' is most senior (it has just been introduced for RAF Regt but is 'strictly limited' to them because of the way they operate - hopefully it will be the thin end of the wedge).
  4. Dont go RLC mate!!!!

    Its not all its cracked up to be!
  5. I've been on multiple OOA, serving alongside the army, and a soildier who has been in the same lenght as i have, pretty much same level of knowledge is a Sgt.

    An Army Cpl, been in six years, 2 less than myslef, has half the responisbility than what i have, not as much trade knowledge, to wjom i have to answer to.

    There just seems to be a better deal. With my trade now, people can't say we don't 'go anywhere', as more and more often we are in the 'thick of it', not like the infantry ofcourse who really are, but for our level of training we are!
  6. At 8 years in, and the current state of promotion in supply, you should be in the frame for being picked up. Remember the RAF treat you far better than the RLC do.
  7. Totally agree with you there. Not to insult anyone, but it seems to be like they are very limited to what they can/allowed to do, and the lower ranks, are'nt treated anywhere near as to what the RAF is treated.
  8. I suggest you speak to the SPSO at Deepcut, don't know the details, whose responsibilty it is to give you an objective opinion (try looking on the RLC website). The Supplier (Logistic Specialist (Sup) as it's now called) trade has been under recruited for a while so there will most likely be JNCO vacancies now that will tranlate to SNCO ones in a couple of years, plus it has a lot of NBC who typically do not progress as quickly. There are also some similar trades with very quick early promotion, again the SPSO is your man. Good luck
  9. So why do you want to go over? You want the rank? You'll be so frustrated at what you can't do if you went across. I have worked with all ranks in RAF & Army Logs and yes, you'd possibly be very good, but you'd be gutted at how their systems work.
    Example - visit to 132 At Wattisham - Army Sgt was checking a pallet of cleaning products off against the delivery note - why? it was his job.
    Example - Joint logs unit supporting a joint int unit - running along Army supply system lines - RAF Flt Sgt Supplier (REALLY good one too - known him years) placing demands - every demand had to be electronically approved by Army QM who had approx 18 years less experience than FS.

    What is wrong with what you do? Are there other things in the RAF you want to do? PM me if you want.
  10. While I wouldn't wish to be unkind to your obviously light blue colleagues you must remember that in the Army you are a soldier first and a tradesman second. Discipline in the Army is much tougher than the RAF and you get promoted by your ability to lead men, not because of your trade knowledge. Are you really sure you want to leave your nice comfortable existence for one that will challenge you every day and may force you into situations where you have to make decisions, even in the RLC, that could cost you or your mates your life?
  11. I don't think 132 is the best example, I'm sure we can all find extremes, here's another, I worked with a Supplier (Sup Con) who commisioned at 33 years of age from WO1 and is a senior Major now with service to 50 at least and will probably get to Lt Col - it bit more dosh than a Flt Sgt and what a pension. Not all are like either of our examples but VEng etc will affect what age people have to leave. There are some cracking jobs around for Log Spec (Sup) and some boring ones but that's the case across all aspects of life. Try the SPSO it's his job and doesn't blindly recruit you will genuinely get an objective opinion froma man aware of all the facts including your circumstances - he equally advise that you don't move.
  12. Thanks to everyone, some great replies. Like everything, both services have there good and bad points. Obviously not going to make a decision tonight! The Army for promotion prospects only would be great, especially being a family man, however, more deployments and so on might not be great.

    The RAF, done it for 8yrs, quite comfortable. Might just try and get a few more Qualifications and go for commission one day.

    Cheers eveyone, got somthing to mull over.
  13. To serve to age 55yrs in the RAF does this mean you leave trade training and sit 'til retirement, guaranteed, even you don't get promoted?
  14. To serve untill age 55, you stay in trade, going the same job, only by then, you're nore likey to be a WO. If at age 52 and a WO, or at whatever age and a WO, if you have 2 yr's in post, i believe you can apply for a 6 week commission course and become a Flt Lt, not a bad thing to do, especially for a better pension.
  15. No, you have to be promoted to cpl by 12 yrs, or out, promoted to sgt by 22 yrs and then you have to age 47 to be selected for FS.