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I am currently serving in the Royal Armoured Corps, I am getting a little bored with the job and as I have always preferred the limited amount of dismounted work we sometimes do, I thought about a transfer to the para's. Has anyone made a similar transfer who could either recomend it or suggest something different?


What regiment are you serving with in the RAC? Have you considered maybe a transfer to a Formation Recce regiment (unless your in one and its w*nk!)

Cheers Easy!
Waithbrate said:
But whats the point?, Hasnt Para training been cancelled for five years?

No it fcukin hasnt!! How many more times does this have to be discussed?????????


GM_1000 said:
It's been reported that jumps have been cancelled, not training.

There are sorties going in this weekend, so that is bollox as well.

There is discussion of para training being reduced as a cost cutting measure. Several options are being considered, no official decisions released yet.

Carry on normal jogging, until told otherwise.


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Altough there were reports of cutting out jumps, it hasnt happened yet. The Red Devils- the paras display team are very much still ongoing with doing what they have always done. And remember, the paras are the largest inf unit..still with 3 battalions.
If you want to go to a para battalion..youll have to do the infantry course, maybe the last 3/4 months of it including obviously P Coy.Although your RAC I believe youll still have to join a para platoon in training, I doubt day 1 though.


I was expecting to have to attend ITC. That part of things doesn't bother me, I was wondering more about the general pace of life in a battalion as I need to be sure I would prefer it to the tank park.


armies said:
largest inf unit..still with 3 battalions.

One of the smallest actually, the Royal Regiment of Scotland (one of which air assault) and in a couple days the Rifles both boast 7 battalions of which 5 are regular. Of which that big number 3 battalions of the Parachute Regiment could be seen to be 2 because of I Paras sneaky beaky job as special forces support group.



I'm not so fussed about who is the largest regiment or anything like that, one of the main reasons I was considering it was due to the amount of tours I would get in comparison with where I am now.

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