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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by percussion_maintenance, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Many may think I'm madder than a box of frogs for asking but here goes.
    As a 39year old Sgt (HLSEI, HHI) have I missed the transfer boat into AAC?
  2. Speak to your RCMO, need more details i.e. age, how long you have left to serve and any other qualifications etc
  3. Good luck speaking to your RCMO, if you make the jump across to the AAC forget about ever trying to see an RCMO ever again!!!
  4. Somebody asked the same question recently and the answer from MCM was "hope to get picked up on the SSgt to WO's board and then apply for commission into AAC".

    Good luck.
  5. Only ever saw RCMO once, at the end of a very important course at Wallop.

    "Well Cpl Cloudbuster, I've got your next posting lined up. You're off to 665 as an Aircrewman"

    "That's nice," says I "so having wasted a year I don't need to go on my Wings Parade in the morning?"
  6. He just knew your ability and what job you should have been employed in post pilots course. :wink:
  7. You know me too well, Flash.
  8. There are plenty of SNCO's transferring to AAC at the moment.
    At least 1 in both 3 & 4 Regt in the past 6 months with more to come after they have finished at Wallop.
    And LynxEffectLOL is right about RCMO action. You'll never see one on good terms and even if you do manage it, it's all LE Mafia and the'll flip you over and slip one up your poop shoot!