Transfer to 3MI(V)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by hugo_diablo, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. I am toying with the idea of transferring to 3MI(V). My situation is as follows:

    I am currently a Platoon Sergeant in a TA Infantry Unit and have passed all the relevant trade training for the role. However I am now in need of a new challenge.

    In addition I have just started a new day job in Central London so travelling to my current unit on Drill Nights and Weekends is about to become a whole lot more emotional.

    My questions are as follows:
    1) Would I keep my rank on transfer?
    2) What trade training would I have to complete?
    3) Would I have to complete any form of Selection event?
    4) I already hold DV so would that speed up a transfer?

    And before anyone sparks up with the "why not ring them and ask" I wanted to get a feel for the answers through some of the subject matter experts on this site.

  2. Based on what I've seen recently - with the proviso that it may have changed, so don't believe a word until you get it from the unit:

    1. Could well do, in fact if you're good enough to get in I'd be surprised if you didn't
    2. A3 and A1, both two week courses (and you'll need them)
    3. SNCOs get an interview only I think, if I'm wrong then it's a technical selection weekend
    4. Maybe not the transfer, would speed up getting into things once you're in

    Go along and have a chat. It's not for everyone and you will find it somewhat of a change from what you're used to. But if it suits then you won't find a more fulfilling, rewarding job anywhere (I am biased, mind). Hope to see you in the mess sometime.
  3. Are getting your 3rd at last?
  4. Well, just got it recently - well, as far as you're concerned, about a decade and a half ago for the rest of us.