Transfer to 29 Cdo Regt RA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by NBPE, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Im currently in phase 2 training and seriously considering transfering to the RA, specifically 29 Regt. Searched the internet and the forums, couldnt find specific info. RA phase 2 training is 12 weeks long, but what does it consist of? The trade I would go for is OP Assistant, is it a definate that I would get this trade if I applied for it, and that I would get to go to 29?

    Any information appreciated
  2. Why specifically 29? Just curious
  3. The chance to do the AACC, push myself physically and mentally and get a chance to do some soldiering - something that seems non-existent in my current cap badge.
  4. If you transfer to the RA, and volunteer to go to 29 Cdo, then that is where you will be sent. No guarantee on trade though - if you want to know more 01980 845611
  5. well first off m8 if you wanna come down here to 29 do so m8 its nails for the first couple of weeks till you get the hang of the phys when you go to larkhill you will do specialist pt on a thursday night which is a waste of time its nothing like the phys here but if your up to the challenge get your arse down the citadel m8 plus the nights out in plymouth are awesome. im here at the moment m8 so ant more questions msg me. ''walkz''
  6. Isn't that just typical of Army passage of information? Here's me working in recruiting, and I find out that 29 have dropped their minimum age for enlistment to twelve and three quarters through a bloody internet forum.
  7. "Phase 2 training takes place at 24 Bty RA based at the Artillery centre, Larkhill. It lasts up to 12 weeks, is modular and focuses on:
    -Joiners week (week one)
    -B (UK car) driving licence acquisition (4 weeks)
    -Service Drivers Conversion: Land rover cross country and night driving (2 weeks)
    -Communications training: RA BOWMAN radio operator (2 weeks)
    -Basic close combat skills (1 week)
    -Personal education (1 week)
    -Leavers week and final tests (1 week)

    Para, Commando and Special Observer volunteers will conduct additional physical preperation to meet the starting standards for their respective selection courses. At this stage all Gunner recruits will be trained as a 'Generic RA Soldier', and be ready to join their units for phase 3 training and deployment on operations."

    That has been taken from the pamphlet "Royal Artillery soldier recruiting and initial training aide memoire, Joiners criteria- Recruiters information".

    Hopefully that will give you a more clear answer to your initial question than the eye cancer inducing post that Mr Walkz threw at you :wink:
  8. THanks for the replies. I presume phase 3 is where you will learn your actual job? i.e. OP assistant, etc.
  9. Phase 3 is any body that has left training, as you carry on your training all the way through your time in the army.

    When you get to your regiment you will do a comms RA part 2 course and from that you will be able to do a level 2 course in what is going to be your trade wether it be strike (ie on the weapon system), Arty Command Systems ACS (command post) or Arty Log.
  10. No garantee you will go straight into the FST's as they prefer you to have some experience before hand. Generally you will serve a bit of time on the guns before moving across and this is the best path to take as in the 17 years i did in 7 Cdo Bty and 148 Cdo FO bty then guys straight out of training werent mature enough as a rule to serve in the fire support teams.

    Obviously there are exceptions with guys who are older when they join but they were few and far between
  11. I joined 29/95 back in the late 60's After Cdo training I joined 7 Bty . Then onto the para course. I came from BAOR so was already qualified as a B11 driver op. I suppose driver operator is a trade of the past. I transfered to 148 as they were more independent and we got para pay.Most of the lads in my intake ended up at Hereford. Things seem to be different now we had manpower shortages are they still so ?
  12. You may go straight to the FSTs (or OPs), we certainly took them from Ph2 in my last Regiment.

    YOu don't mention what Ph2 school you are at now, which is odd - why didn't you think about this in Ph1?