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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by stabandswat, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Well, the season is no sooner over and clubs are kicking/releasing players out of the clubs and specualtion is rife about new arrivals. Who will stay and who will go? So far, Viduka is undecided and Woodgate was confirmed a little while back. Rochemback should go whilst Xavier and Chrisitie have already gone. Apparently we are in talks with Brown from Hibs, voted the Young Player of the Year in Scotland this year. Well, thats the best club sorted out :oops: how about the rest of you?
  2. We have already signed Sidwell from Reading apparantly. You can never have too many midfielders!!!!

    Some form of Centre Back would be nice. Alex from PSV is already a Chelsea player and is on loan to PSV. We should call him back and Glenn Johnson from Pompy.

    edited to add - Paul Jewel has just resigned from Wigan. Man City perhaps?
  3. Do you not want Huth back? Been injured most of the bleeding season.
  4. DS, I was up at Stamford Bridge yesterday, in the Everton end, must admit always have a good laugh there, I was amazed that they now sit away fans in the Shed End, you lot must have been fcuked off when that happened.
  5. I know, its a fcuking disgrace!!!!
    I sit in the West Stand, and know a few disgruntled shedites. Still, at least the away support have a decent stand. The trouble is, the away support now often make more noise than the home fans
  6. It was a tad noisy there yesterday, fcuk knows where all them beach ball came from, the little fat steward was getting well fcuked off having to walk up and down the touch line deflating them!
  7. Did you get hit by any cellery?
  8. Ha! No but I read in the programme that they're telling you all off for chucking that! At Goodison we throw dead rats.
  9. At James Beattie I hope. Is he leaving you this summer?
  10. Away fans go in the lower shed because Chelsea players were getting too much abuse when warming up :D
  11. Fcuking hope so, he's a nice enough bloke but we've got a defender scored as many as him. They reckon Celtic might take him.
  12. Ok, now i'm panicking. Just looked at and it would seem that Yakubu is looking to leave. If he goes, Viduka won't stay and we'll be without a recognised Premiership striker. This does not bode well.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Henry must be linked with Barca and the Galaticos, just for a change.
  14. Apparently, Chelsea have lodged a 10mil bid for Pascal Chimbonda...

    My only question is why?
  15. Maybe because Spurs have just confirmed the £10million signing of Gareth Bale and they are looking to get rid of him? He hasn't had the greatest of seasons and would seem Paul Jewell did a canny bit of business shifting him on.