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Transfer/sign off

Back in Oct 09 i handed all my gear in after 12 months due to a permanant change of hours there was no i way i could do all the weekends to finish my training. It had already been a mare before as twice i got to the last weekend end of phase 1 bravo then told by my boss i had to work. and to be honest i think my unit were getting pissed of with me.

so that was me, gear handed back told psao the score and did one.

Now i have recently changed jobs which are TA friendly and hours are perfect for the TA. So i started to look at other units i may be interested in. I didint want to join the old unit i was in as of all the pissing them about my work had caused i felt that this would predjudice me if i went back, plus after a great deal of thought the corps didnt really interest me in the end.

Then sat morning a letter arived from old unit headed future intentions, and i need to speak to the psao withing 14 days or get agiad ffs. appearntly im still there.

No dramas there as i thought id done all i needed to get out, i wasnt told i had to do anymore and assumed after all kit was handed back etc that was it i hand not been told otherwise.

Now my question,

before i speak to psao i was wondering what would be the best course of action. i do want to join another unit, is it better for me to tell old psao that i want a transfer or should i get discharged first then join a new unit????
Go to your old unit, have a chat with the recruiting staff, see if you can finish the recruiting process with them. After you finish the recruit process have another think.
We used to have lads we didn't see from the start of one year to the next, we even had guys in the old recruit process for 4 years.

If you explained why you were having to leave maybe the psao put you in the "contact in 12 months " heap.
Makes no odds now that you have handed your kit in.


P.S. Next time do it in style and curl one off on the PSAO's desk before placing your MOD90 in it and launching your kit in a bin bag over the TAC fence
msr said:
Makes no odds now that you have handed your kit in.


P.S. Next time do it in style and curl one off on the PSAO's desk before placing your MOD90 in it and launching your kit in a bin bag over the TAC fence
Slice of bread on the car roof encourages the birds to decorate the car.
Our PSAO used to leave his car keys in his car, so the lads used to move it to a different slot in the car park or just turn it around.

Evidently he had told his wife he thought the end was nigh, as he thought he was losing his marbles, until he caught them moving it :)

The PASO prob accepted your request to leave, and shelved it as your MTD's could then be used else where. So even though you had handed your kit in you had not been adminsitratoraly discharded.

You could always contact the PSAO by phone and explain you had left/kit handed in/ he knew and ask what it means by the letter. When he starts to explain and says you are still 'in' you could then ask for a transfer.
cracking replies lads!!!

carlos that will be plan!!

there was one capt id love to chin

when asked by a german (joint ex) what the red ribbon on rank slide meant said capt replied, "hes nothing, a stupid recruit lower than low".... ******* ******.
There really is no need for you to discharge and then rejoin a new unit. It just sounds like at the moment your Sqn is just tidying up matters to do with non-attenders at their location.

Technically, if you didn't sign any forms to say you request Voluntary Discharge from the TA then administratively you are still "on the books" as being with their Sqn. So, therefore, it's understandable that you've received a non-attenders letter.

Personally I would go back and have a chat with your PSAO, especially if you are wanting to transfer as he will need to complete the transfer paperwork for you (AF E7547 Application for Posting or Transfer). Keep him in the loop. It's only manners.

Oh and check with the new unit that they have a vacant PID for you to go into first. If not you can stay where you are until a later date.

Hope that helps :)


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