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Transfer reserves to regular after phase 1


I have now attested after an agonisihng mediical delay and have my dates for the consolidated Alpha and Bravo training. I have joined the Royal Signals as a comms systems operator but was given a waiver as my GCSE's fell short but i wish to join as a regular.

I have been told lots of conflicting things with regards to transferring in but my main question is with regards to my qualifications will that stop be transferring to that role? My unit said once phase 1 done it shouldn't be an issue and can start phase 2 full time but my recruiting candidate support person does not seem to know and has also stated the medical testing has now changed so i may have to do a medical from scratch to go full time which i cannot deal with with my age of 34.

I dont want to be wasting any time and if i need to re take my GCSE's to meet the standard i will need to do it otherwise i may need to choose another full time role where i can learn a trade and gain qualifications
Please don't take this as gospel because it was some years ago and things may have changed, but I was in the Royal Signals TA (as was) and had completed both Basic and Trade Training. I then went on to become a Regular soldier but I had to go through the whole recruiting and training processes (application, tests, medical, assessment centre, Basic Training and Trade Training) from scratch as if I had never been in the TA previously. I was not alone, in my intake there were about half a dozen of us who had been in the TA previously under different cap badges and none of us had received any waivers or 'transferred' in from the TA. The only things that I brought with me from the TA were the experience (good but limited) and my Service Number.

I would suggest that the only people who can tell you how this works is the Army recruiting organisation, which means posing the question on line or a visit to your local Careers Office. I don't think that your AR unit are in the best place to advise you about joining the Regular Army because they are not recruiters. Good luck!


Apparently it is easier since the change to AR from TA to make everything one army and all that. I spoke to the recruitment centre people today and was told i can either request the transfer from the AR unit or change application online to full time and it should carry over as the medical expires end of feb but a chance will need to do it again.

When i applied the age limit was 33 as i was turning it but found out after it has increased and i did say to them and the people at the local unit but was to wait out on the medical delays which took 11 months but now im attested. I'll chat to the guys on training and likely just get my Alpha and Bravo out the way and things should be clearer
If you go in on an S type, if they still do them, you can go straight to ph2.

Otherwise you're starting from scratch.

cheer up. Mate of mine joined up, same trade, and had to do ph1&2. On his pass off at bassingbourne he had more medals than his ph1 sect commander :rofl:
You will need to start from scratch with a regular application, and do regular phase 1 and 2 all over again. This is because there are a number of differences between reserve and regular initial training which means from an army perspective you will be at a different output standard to your regular equivalent at the end of your reserve courses.

Presumably it will take you 1-2 years to get through Reserve Phase 1 and 2 training with limited opportunities to take leave from work so if time is of the essence I’d suggest you bin Alpha and Bravo and focus on the regular application.


I have Alpha end of month and Bravo end of Feb doing the consolidated way (my work gives me 2 weeks leave for it and using holiday for the 7 days). Either way i could get dragged through the recruiting process again (even though selection and medical within 12 months) and just over a year before i am max age and with them taking 11 months to clear me after selection i will get this training done and request the transfer if they give any dispensation for gcse's great if not choose another role or go the traditional way. It has been re-confirmed through my unit you can transfer over it is a process and reccomend i do it this way also. Having looked further into re taking my gcse's it is unlikely i will have them done and get through the recruiting process in time but will certainly focus on them once i am in to open any opportunities. Thanks for the advice, i'll know what my options are in march hopefully

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