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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yorkie_999uk, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. Evenin' all

    As per title, i have put in for a transfer from Inf (as attached arms) to more relevant unit.
    All forms signed etc and PSI said the old 'sorry to see you go but understand the reason' speech, PSAO also said he would endorse my transfer, so all appeared to be going well.
    Fast forward 1 week and i'm told by the unit i'm wishing to go to that my CO is refusing to transfer me.

    1) Can he put a halt to it or is he just being twisted?
    2) If he can halt it i have no qualms of leaving and re-joining the unit of choice but realistically how long would this process take?

    Thanks in advance for any info

  2. Yorkie, any word on why he refusing your transfer? If you have a skill set that will seriously leave the Regt in the lurch were you to transfer, he could well take issue with your request. In my limited experience of such matters I haven't known a CO refuse transfer. However, said transfers were often as a result of the individual moving work/house. Never forget what the "T" in Army Reserves stands for!
  3. Hmmm well according to the unit i am wanting to go to, they are saying that too much time and money has been invested in me.. TBH i can't see it myself. I have been unable to get an OC interview as i only found this out on Fri and everyone had Foxtrot-Oscar'd.
    Just find it a pain in the arse and kind of counter-productive. Why keep someone in a unit that they are not happy with?
  4. Surely the TA is a voluntary organisation, therefore you choose where you want to volunteer. Would have thought that your unit would have been unable to stop you, inasmuch as they can't make you attend at your current unit?
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  5. Stop calling him Shirley .... unless thats the reason for his problem ...
  6. Dammit eodmatt.... Damn you and your gypsy like powers of perception. Was it that obvious?
  7. This is the problem with the TA, it's too often seen as a hobby for the benefit of those in it. If the TA is going to be integrated with the Regular Army, as the government has indicated, reserve servicemen need to get a grip and realise that the armed forces are not just about giving them an enjoyable pastime. If the OP is required at his existing unit because of his skill set, then unless there is a very good reason (such as civilian employment taking him elsewhere), he should accept that he works where the army needs him and not necessarily where he will have the most fun. If he cannot accept it, he should not be drawing a military pay check.

    And the TA community wonder why we accuse them of being hobbyists...

    "The needs of the Army come before the needs of the individual.". If you can't live with this (as all regular soldiers do), then you are a waste of the MoD's precious resources.
  8. Brave Coward

    If a regular doesn't like it he "wraps his hand in" admittedly not as easy these days as it was in my time. So perhaps the One Army Concept you are quoting needs to adapt to this kind of request

    Just my thought on the matter as an ex Reg & T.A. bod

    Cheers, Nobby
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  9. B-C - Fixed that for you.

    Us STABs use the term Family - Job - TA to ensure we can continue to feed our offspring, and indeed are able to see our offspring without going through the divorce courts.

    Ultimately, any TA activity is subject to the consent of family and employer, as it without consent you would find yourself quickly without a family or an employer. If nothing else the perogative is financial, most STABs take home a couple of £k a year from their TA training, a pittance compared to the full time job.

    I very much doubt this will change unless the Regular Army wants a reserve that resembles the queue outside the local 'job centre plus'.
  10. That being the case then what is the point of the reserve forces. Better to abolish the TA and use the money saved to have even just a few more regular soldiers, who we can actually use when and how we need to. I ask again, why does the MoD fund what is essentially a hobby* (for at least some) when they could instead spend the money on something useful? Frankly, with budgets increasingly squeezed, my view is that the government should be investing in our professional regular forces, some sponsored reservists and the expeditionary capabilities of some of our OGDs rather than wasting hard won cash on TA units which can never train or deploy in role because 2/3 of their unit strength won't turn up when called.

    *I acknowledge that there are some TA soldiers who take their military duties more seriously and also the operational contribution that TA soldiers have made in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    To the OP, either you are committed to the (Territorial/One) Army or you are not. If it is just a fun hobby for you, either leave or stop drawing your TA pay; if you are serious about it then you need to accept that you have a job to do in a unit that needs your skills and get on with it. The Army is not just about you...!
  11. What does the OP mean by relevant?
  12. Thats what the OP said he was considering.

    He wants a transfer, his CO is stopping it, he leaves then joins the unit he wants to transfer to.

    Just like the same as if you get fed up with any other job.

    The OP's issue is A CO can't stop you doing this but is trying his hardest to.
    OP also says the role he is after is better for his skills, better for the army.

    Example he may be a medic in and infantry unit, therefore his med skills will fade as he dosn't get the specialist training that is needed.

    If he left he could get his specialist training, make him better at his job,the be part of a pool of blokes that support old unit.

    As per on Ops UK JF Med Gp, JF counter IED team etc, etc.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As a general principle, it is better to keep the TA soldier on the books and hopefully adding value somewhere (ie at the unit of their chosing) rather than lose them entirely by making their transfer such a ball ache that they chose to leave instead.

    That said, I would be very happy to see return on service clauses added in for certain types of training.
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  14. Do you mean something like the old practice of indenturing?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sort of - an agreed return of service in exchange for receiving training which may have a commercial value, or even just a high interest value. Failure to provide the return of service by leaving or failing to attend should result in a debt being owed.

    We already have a form of it for long language courses, but it could be rolled out for other courses which provide a direct personal benefit to the soldier outside of the army system.