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I am currently Non-Commissioned Aircrew in the RAF, looking at my future. Stuck in a ground job with no end in sight, and the chances to actually fly becoming less and less.

Got me to wondering if there is any precedent set regarding crossing over to the AAC as aircrew, perhaps even as u/t pilot, although I see today that at least one vacancy has been filled.

Any info; such as hurdles to be cleared, who to contact and would you recommend it, would be gratefully received.
How old are you?

If you're under 32ish, you could apply. We had a chap a little while ago who had the historic title of being the last RAF NCO pilot. He was actually a Cpl who came across and did the pilots course whilst still RAF capbadged when he got his wings. He had connections through the Tri service gliding side of life.

I'm not sure whether you would need to leave the RAF then join the Army (a paperwork exercise by all accounts) or if you can just straight transfer on completion of selection.

Your best bet is to speak to SO1 recruiting/Aircrew selection at M/W. PM me and I'll dig his number out.

I'm sure the Corps would love to poach from the crabs. Its usually opposing traffic.
There is a precedent. In 1977 an RAF crewman was on the APC behind mine. Great guy, did 6 months with the Argyles beforehand to see if he was the "right stuff" and they loved him. Did the course as a crab and transfered in on completion.

Some time later he comissioned into the AAC and later transferred back to the RAF. Last heard of throwing C130's at the ground.

Are you still out there Alan?


War Hero

I take it from your name that you are a scope dope?

A good mucker of mine has just jumped ship from Royal Air Farce as NCO Aircrew and now awaiting his Army pilots course.

He is now cap badged AAC, as the crabs wound'nt hold out for him if he fail the pilots course, (That's the crabs for you) but he got a step up in rank for it thought.

PM me your details and I will put you in touch with him.

Good luck..... We tend to look after our blokes ...Some of the time :roll:

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