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transfer RA to STAFFORDS


Well what it is. is im on my last week of phase two at Larkhill well i will be when i return as ive got a few broken bones at the moment from a motorbike crash. And i would love to join the Staffords but aint got a clue on how to transfer and what trainin i will have to do, as my trainning staff seem to be no help. If anyone could give some advice thank you
Why do you want to transfer? It sounds like you haven't been to Regimental Duty yet so how do you know you want to leave. If I were you I would give it a bit longer and when you get to RD express a preference to go in to the OPs, as long as you are fit and are good with a radio. That way you will get to work with the Infantry without having to make the leap. Once you've done that you can make an educated decision over which you prefer.

What I would say is that you should not turn up on day one saying you want to go to the infantry or they will mark you down as a co ck.

This is all based on the assumption you going to a Gun Regiment I’m not sure what the best idea would be if you are going elsewhere. Also don't put your name on the post, your future BSM might be reading!


Kit Reviewer
(Wah shield on) The STAFFORDS now exist as the 3rd Bn The Mercian Regiment, currently in Tidworth but moving to Hun Land imminently. (Wah shield off). What are your reasons for wanting to join this particular Battalion, are you from Staffordshire?

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