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Hi there i have just put my transfer in to the RLC from RAC. I have been with my unit for nearly 10 years, hold substansive full Cpl and got informed by my CMO that in order for my transfer to go thru i need to take a drop in rank so back to Lcpl. This is no big issue to me but will this mean that i take a drop in pay if my transfer is sucsessful. Any help would be much apreciated cheers dan
It's depends on what trade you are going for, normally you would keep your higher pay band for two years, then you will go down to the lower pay band, you will stay at your level increment, in this time you might get promoted back to full Cpl.
sorry i thought i put down where i was going trying for tank transport
Drivers in the RLC are in the lower pay band, you will need to get promoted in the two years as you will go down the lower pay band. They are looking at changing the pay back as it was before pay 2000 or shall I say 2001. So with a bit of luck they will change it before they put you on the lower pay band, you could join the AGC(SPS) and you should not lose your rank and you will stay in the higher pay band.
nah i dont fancy driving a desk and i have a tendancie of telling people what i think lol thanks for your help well i better set off out on my last ever exersise on tanks with some luck
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