Transfer - pros & pitfalls?

Hi, I'm new here.  my first post and I'm asking for advise and guidance (seriously!)  People on here seem a tad more 'realistic' with their views which brings me to my point,

I'm a 9 yr Inf fullscrew,  I'm in a particular job where I'm in effectively dead-mans-shoes.  And there's 5 of them in front of me!  Promotion to WO2 is NOT a forgone conclusion here, even if I stay to my 22.  I've got a bit more about me than settling for Sgt/Csgt,  I want to 'get on'. I've no intention of getting out for quite a while yet, I just want to give myself the best chance I can (who else is going to do it for me?) and the time has come to grasp the nettle.

I've had some 'outside' advice to transfer to a corps, Int corps to be precise.  

Now here's the thing,

How easy is this to do in reality? - By this I mean what can my unit hold me back on put me off with?
Do I have any rights to attemt to transfer?
Would the Int corps take an Inf f'screw?
What could/would I offer them for them to take me?

That'll do for now,  I'll be back in touch I'm sure.  I'd just like some basic soundings on this please - I'm trying to get as much information as I can before I put my case.  forwarned is forarmed!

your input would be apprieciated .......grovel over.

G-O-L 8)


Can't help you too much with some of your questions but the best thing to do is to speak to someone from your local int unit who will brief you on what they are looking for. Do this without mentioning it to your unit. From some of the stories I've heard and seen some peaople transfer easily and for some it's a pain in the arse. Depending on the commitments of your unit they may delay your application "through no fault of our own. Just an admin cock up you understand". you will the do every bone stag in the world. Because you are seen as written off. OR. They could go the other way and promise you every course in the book and a plum job sa an incentive to stay. It depends on things like unit hierachy personalities. Best way though is to speak to a rep fm local int unit and get the gen first before jumping in.
Yes, they'll take a full-screw

I concur with Snot_Hats' view on 'leaving baggage behind' really grates on people when transferees start bleating about how good it was in their old unit....

Seriously, join with your neck permanently wound-in and don't even mention your background unless someone asks.....

Promotion in the Int Corps is more or less automatic every 2 to 4 years....22/23 year old sergeants, still wet behind the ears, aren't uncommon   :eek:

IIRC, you have no 'automatic' right to attempt to transfer (like, say AAC or SF) but if your CO has his head screwed on, I'm sure he would rather see you transfer out than sign-off.  ;)

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it if you like the outdoors....too much officework and of course the associated paper.  :mad:


Some general advice for you - now is a good time to transfer, commanders at all levels are under pressure to retain trained soldiers in the Army rather than have them leave.

Under no circumstances confront your OC/CO with an ultimatum it won't go down well.  If you have a good OC/CO then explain the reasons as you have done here. If your OC/CO is an ARRSE find the most senior man you trust to talk the issue through with, perhaps even get them to mention  it.

Best of luck  :) :) :)
But if all else fails - and you're desperate to go - go ahead and threaten to sue's what it took to get me out......sexual discrimination as well!  8)  

Great to see it working the other way round for a change.... ;D ;D ;D

Bad CO

Of course there are other options for a Inf Cpl who wants to get on, have you considered one of the Corps, such as the REME, that has a RD (Regimental Duties) role and are always after people like yourself?
Thankyou all for your swift replies...... most impressed!

verdi & Chargebag

I fully intend speaking to someone from my local int unit, just as soon as leave finishes, being located in the same part of the country would help,  And I've no intention of mentioning anything to my unit as yet.  I know just wher you're coming from on that score. (CO & OC are actually pretty much onside ....... but when they find out what I'm after maybe that'll change)

Snot_Hat & Eagle

It's my intention to transfer within the yaer ... (fast enough?)

Baggage? loyalty yes....... but I don't have XXXXXXXXXX running through me like a stick of rock.

Bad CO

Forgive my ignorance, RD (Regimental Duties)?  What the hell do these entail?  Have I been blinkered so much?

More questions now though and a few home truths,

The current Army 'site lists,

The requirement for an OP MI transfer to be,
Min 3 GCSE incl. English Language at Grade C level or above. DV Clearance before course commences.

My failing point here is the Qual's.  Not that I'm a thicko Infanteer.  I never took my exams for reasons that I wont go into here.  However, as I said I am not thick.

Is there a way around this 'slight' setback..... anyone? (dare I say it.... any officers?)

The DV is no problem. have been and still am cleared.

The 'course', what exactly does it entail?  Who? What? Why? Where? Whens? all that stuff.

And once again, What could/would I offer the int Corps for them to take me?

Thanks again for all the advice...... it's all taken on board.

Loyalty? - I'd even bin that too m8  :)

Don't worry about the quals - I joined with 3 CSE grade 4's (couldn't be arrsed at school either!) - it's all about about yer 'EMLAT' score when you apply (English, Maths and Languages Aptitude Test, IIRC).

In fact I was told at the time that I was (on paper at least) one of the thickest blokes ever to join!  ;D  The Corps has lot of 'educated' types though - all quals and little to no common sense.  Sorry, but that's just my experience!  ;)

Suffice to say, if they give you the qualifications guff - which I doubt they will - get 'em to EMLAT you anyway then let them make a decision.  8)

Meanwhile, check out this monster from the PDR:

Read the guff here too:  ;)

Anyway, that's enough about this particular corps - I'm beginning to get the shakes!  :p

HTH! :)

Bad CO

RD is a seperate trade in the REME, they do all the military training type tasks and also fill the CQMS/CSM/RSM functions as well.  Most REME units with more than 50 guys will have at least one - just ask someone in your workshop to point you at their RD bloke.  I think the promotion is pretty good and they are always after Inf Cpls/Sgts.  Try posting a message on the REME board.... failing that IM me and I might be able to find a phone number for you.
Thanks for your advice Gents, much apprieciated

Anyone else with any tips, hints or guidance please feel free to write, I need as much information as  I can get.


How did the other guy get away with his'economic truth'?

I've not worked in the Int Cell but I am a bit of a wiggly wizz.....  (my job/instructor etc)  do you think that 'll give me a better chance?

Bad CO

Thank for the info on the RD gang, if this enterprise doesn't work I'll think about giving that a whirl!

Chees again guys



REME RD are actually Regimental Specialists!

They have an important role to play in the Corps - they don't just work at ATR's shouting and screaming!

They are used in REME Bn's to help with all military training, and when in the field are responsible for the Bn's security, NBC etc. Promotion prospects are good - I'm not sure of the exact figures - but you'd def be likely to make it to WO2 pretty rapidly.

Any other info you need - give me a shout.


REME RD changed to Regimental Specialist a few years ago.  Then the REME hierarchy last year realised that they have no REGIMENTS and have decided to get rid of them.  Every single REME soldier/officer I have spoken to say that they were not much use to their Corps anyway.

The REME are going to follow suit with the other technical Corps and produce their instructors from within their own cap badge.  Some E2 posts may become available for WO2 (CSM) positions.  I understand that the REME Artisans (those that never attended or passed Artificer courses) will be offered the CQMS and RQMS roles.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Tarnished Oak Leaf,

Lots of soldiers transfer to the Int Corps from all over the Army and beyond. (There are even a few ex RM). Just so you are aware, there are also a lot of ex-REME (mainly techs who can't get to SSgt until 16 years and then no further) plus RMP's and Inf at Cpl/Sgt level like yourself.

Again the reason for transferring is mainly promotion plus picking up quals useful in civvie street. Don't be put off by the 3 GCSE's bit, its mainly aimed at those joining as recruits, transferees are often looked at differently. In my opinion the Int Corps is made up of about 30% transferees these days.

Promotion is indeed very quick compared with other cap badges, if you have got as much time left as you say then WO1 is realistic. Plus the Corps has the highest proportion of LE Officers in the Army.

Its not all fences and locks either - far more too it than that. One piece of advice, do not sign anything commiting yourself to being a linguist prior to transferring and making up your own mind about language training.

hope that helps.

Coincidentally enough, I tried to transfer to Int Corps from 1 RHF around 92/93 and was kept hanging around for nearly a year.  Cos I was a lowly Fusilier I kept getting fobbed off (yes sir, right sir, thanks sir) and eventually I tabbed in, a little disgruntled at not even an interview by the local Int section OC.

The Chief Clerk claimed that 'FG & IMRO(N) have lost all your docs, kid'  and shrugged.  Basically, I'd need to wait until a new AFB120/121 and 2066 were made up then re-apply for transfer.

I'm still raging about it now.  Basically a year of my life was wasted waiting for that transfer just to get fobbed off in the end.  Not even an apology from the Bn or any resolution to get to the bottom of it.  I know guys who asked to do P Coy and were delayed and delayed, sent on other useless courses and denied the time to train properly.  Although these guys wanted to better themselves, they (and I) were treated like backstabbing deserters.

On a happier note, a few friends terminated and then signed back up in their chosen Corps.  That was far easier and less time consuming.  Moral of the story - don't trust your unit to do ANYTHING in your best interest.

Good luck.  I eventually managed to get out and ended up in a job where you don't get your entire 1157 nicked each time you go on leave! :)
This is my first post and I'm not sure if tarnished oakleaf has been successful yet however.....
It is your unit RCMO who will normally deal with facilitating capbadge transfers. He or she will give you honest and practicable advice on the procedure you need to follow. Contrary to general belief no one in your unit can stop you from applying for a cap badge transfer not even the CO. He can only recommend and support it or not recommend it. Although you do not have the right of transfer. Units now have to fax a copy of the application form (AFB 241) to Colour Service Section at APC as soon as the soldier submits it. This has the date on it that the soldier signed it so it cannot be held up "in the system" without very good (usually operational only) reasons.
For most transfers you need to have at least 12 years residual service remaining to be worthwhile to the gaining unit as well as giving you a chance to reach the highest possible rank for your ability.
I have dealt with quite a few transfers from my infantry unit to other corps and would say make sure you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for by thoroughly researching the 'new' capbadge first. they may not offer such a glossy future as you think. You also need to show them that you know their business and what their about , not that you have just pcked them off a list on a whim. You may have to revert in rank, you will most doubtedly have to complete their Phase 2 training alongside young 17 year old whippersnappers fresh from Phase 1 trg. Check their pay scales carefully, apart from pte and poor old inf CSgts the infantry enjoy the higher pay band.
Above all make sure your horizons stretch futher than the next 6 months, a 9 year "inf full screw" is perfectly respectable and as far as "deadmans shoes" goes I don't necessarily agree that such a thing exsists. Look around your own unit and think of qualifying in another field so becoming dual or multi-employable. You can gain useful civilian recognised qualifications within the infantry particularly, much sought after in civvy street, management ones which by the way the Army will pay the majority of the cost if not all the cost for via the Standard Learning Credit Scheme and the new Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme - ask your RCMO!

Well got that off the chest, as you will probably gathered if you've read this far transfers touch a bit of a raw nerve with the Good RCMO. This is because I've seen too many good infantry JNCOs throw away a good career because they have gone off half cocked and not thought or researched the change of capbadge thoroughly before jumping in with both feet.

I agree that the transfer initiative is a good thing if it is used as it was originally designed for, those who have signed off and are well on their way to terminal leave with no chance of signing back on in their current unit.

Finally - If anyone would like to transfer to a first rate infantry unit then please let me know!