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Hi all,

Around 6/7 months ago i placed an application in with my RCMO to transfer to the Royal Signals from the Royal Armoured Corps (2 RTR). After a month or 2 I was e-mailing my CMO fortnighly asking for any news & all I got back was 'no news yet' or 'not heard anything'. I am still receiving these replies from him. I have heard that I can get in touch with APC Glasgow but have no luck as of yet trying to find a contact number for anyone.

Also I have now been told that I am up for PAP 10. I feel that maybe if my transfer had gone through (or even put through the process) that this might not be happening. If I hear from APC Glasgow that my transfer paperwork had never been submitted do I have any grounds to take legal action?

Thanks for reading
The Signals are busy getting rid of people on PAP10 themselves, you'll be lucky to get in with them if you're broken yourself.

Whether you can take legal action for missing paperwork though, I don't know.
You are due to be discharged under PAP 10. Why do you think R Signals would want you? If you are not good enough for RAC, what makes you suitable for R Signals? Time to get the mirror out and have a long hard look.
I can pretty much guess that it isn't a case of missing paperwork, more that it never went in. Also my Regiment are going on tour soon. When I applied for the transfer I was on a post out of the regiment for 2 years and only got back to the reg 3 weeks ago. They have known about my transfer for months but still they placed me into a fully deploying squadron. It all just seems to point to the fact that I was going on tour & my transfer had been brushed under the carpet

It's not a case of being good enough for either. I was fully fit when I placed the transfer in but now I am PND. I understand that the transfer gets stopped immediately once this happens. That is not the issue though. If you read my initial post you will see that I was asking about the fact that nothing had ever been heard from anyone about the transfer & I was asking if anyone knew who I could contact at APC Glasgow

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