Transfer of veterans badges to MoD medal office

Discussion in 'Medals' started by EScotia, Oct 1, 2012.

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    From Monday 1 October 2012 the MOD Medal Office, Imjin Barracks, will take over full responsibility for applications and enquiries in respect of the Veterans Lapel Badge, The Bevans Boys Badge and the Kings Badge.

    All future enquiries relating to the above should be made to:

    The MOD Medal Office, Innsworth House, Imjin Barracks, Gloucester, GL3 1HW.
  2. Do you currently have to apply for the veterans badge?
  3. I believe those leaving now are automatically picked up by SPVA but I personally had to apply for mine as it didn't work for me.
  4. I had to apply for mine
  5. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    As in typical Army style I left in July, have still not had any correspondence from SPVA, and the company contracted to pay pension managed to make a complete pigs ear of it and have only received my first months correct payment now.....

    And if we are now dealing with the medals office, I shall not hold my breath................
  6. E Bay is by far the quickest although you have to pay a few quid.
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  7. I've helped some older people apply for the badge and in all cases it arrived pretty quickly. One hopes this will continue under the MOD Medal Office. I am slightly surprised the move is taking place at this time of year, but there you go.

    For most of those with access to the internet, it shouldn't be necessary to make postal enquiries, because the info and forms are available online:

    HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge

    Only the pdf form link currently works, but the address is correct for the Medal Office.
  8. I applied for mine and helped my Dad apply for his, from his National Service days in the Royal Artillery. The Veterans Agency were very quick getting them to us both.
    I had a problem with mine sometime later, in that the front fell off the pin which was still stuck in my lapel. I rang them and asked if I could get another and offered to pay for it. The lass on the other end said oh it's no problem, we've had a few do this so we'll just send one out to you to replace it. It duly arrived about two weeks later. I hope the great service continues under the auspices of the Medal Office.
  9. Having been made in China and reputedly costing 60p I'm sure they have heard of them falling apart more than once!!.
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  10. There's 5 going on E Bay just now.

    talk about a discredited scheme. :-(
  11. I think its remit is too wide anyway.
    I spent 10 years in a TA infantry unit from 92 to 02. I never deployed, I did plenty of camps and weekends and would have gone willingly to any conflict etc, but the fact remains that the biggest risk I faced was a packed nasty in the back of a 4 tonner.
    Surely the only recognition I need for this was given to me in my TA pay, once a month.
    I don't consider myself a 'veteran'. To me, a veteran is someone who has dealt out, or received shots fired in anger. Am I alone in feeling that this aware cheapens the word 'veteran'? Particularly in the light of Herrick and Telic, which has produce plenty of veterans who net the above definition.
    I've rejoined last year, and I hope to deploy before we leave the current sandy place. I might feel I have earned one after that, but otherwise I would just feel like I was a Walt, basking in someone else's achievements and risk.
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  12. @Shandy. During that period TA, pads wives even Army Cadets have been killed and injured by terrorists in UK and BAOR.

    You may well have been at risk, but never stopped to think about it.

    A number of Army and RAF pads brats were killed in Palestine, if thats all we can afford, those folks deserve a 60p enamel lapel badge as well IMHO.

    This is not about you, its about the rest of society recognising that you have put yourself forward.

    I can tell you that even the Saturday kids in our local outdoor shop are delighted to be doing something to help Veterans out.

    Make their day, get your form sent off HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge
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  13. I have some sympathy with that. 20 years ago the generic term "ex-service" was probably more common, one problem being that it was usually taken to mean "ex-Regular".

    On the other hand, the veterans badge isn't a combat infantryman's badge. In current UK usage "veteran" basically means "former member of any of Her Majesty's forces", which is a statutory term in the Armed Forces Act 2011.

    Trying to tinker with that creates all sorts of complications. How would we rename the SPVA, or should it restrict its activities to those who have been shot at?

    HNY all!
  14. The first example of courageous restraint I witnessed was by a man in plain clothes on the Falls Road in 1985.

    Not a shot was fired, he was however in harms way on a daily basis, and on subsequent tours.

    As for the Pad Brats and the Army Cadets and unfortunate wives killed for driving a BFG car, my own view is that we should leave the criteria as they are, save excluding any more deserving cases.

    To my mind the concept is valid, look at America (where arguably British Veterans are already better received),

    The implementation is what is lacking.
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