Transfer of Quals for Cadet adults

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Flyingrockdj, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    I was wondering amongst the heads here if anyone knows the form, I was going to get involved with the ATC but may lean towards the ACF depending on things.

    My experience of things so far having watched ATC is that some of the civil and uniform staff with little Mil experience seem to have a downer on ex regs with considerable service to the degree of sometimes making up rules to suit themselves. Does this happen in the ACF?

    I am being coaxed into going into uniform and I am reluctant to do so as there seems to be confusion about who has the better Quals, the consensus being that Reg quals are worth poo and only the cadet organisations quals are any good.

    My Background, 24 years service teeth arm, Quals RMQ/FFQ Inf, Drill Instructor(Guards) First Aid Inst, UEL. I have been led to believe that I will not be allowed to run a range even when in uniform until I do the range course for cadets, despite the fact that I have run many ranges for cadets while serving. This is while I watch people with no unform run ranges on the back of a very short RCO course.

    These people seem scared of someone with considerable experience of training and dealing with young people!

    Do your mil quals transfer if you join ACF as an adult intructor, or if you join the ATC ?

    I am unable to get clear answers to these questions due to para 1
  2. It's all highly dependant on the length of time since your regular service (and the dates you completed the relevant courses). I think (but can't guarantee) that it should be within the past five years.

    If I'm right, most of your quals should transfer over in a paperwork exercise. I surely hope so as we can use your kind of experience.

    To ease the process, I'd advise that you have all the relevant certificates, logs, etc. to hand when you broach this with your potential OC.
  3. FRD if you are interested in the university officer training corps and are in the SW pm me, it sounds like your quals would suit us fine.

    Good luck whatever route you decide to take.
  4. F.R.D. as far as any qualifications from the Military being used in the ACF are concerned, it is always up to the discretion of the County Commandant whether they can be used or not. The Range qualifications usually require an additional 'briefing' (as a minimum) from a Cadet Training Team, or indeed a full ITC (Initial Training course), again from a CTT. This briefing is to complete the transition between teaching/coaching Soldiers and Cadets.

    Your UEL, may not now be current. This qual has now been superseded by the MLTB (Mountain Leader Training board) qual. If you have maintained your UEL by 'logging' each walking day and regularly recce routes that you are going to use, then the Commandant may allow 'Granddads rights' with the qual. If you have maintained a log, then it might be worth doing the MLTB qual anyway.

    As for your ATC/ACF question, I have noticed that the ATC are far more selective with their adults. They seem to ensure that 'your face fits' before they accept you. Also, the divide between their NCO's and Orifices is far greater than that in the ACF. This may be a distant view from an outsider though!

    The downer on the ex-regs is mainly by those that have not served themselves. They are frightened by the fact that ex-regs know far more than they ever will. Sometimes though, the ex-regs are slightly 'over exuberant' in their duties though.

    Good luck in whatever you choose. I would contact the local CTT and ask their opinion. They get to see all sorts, therefore will have a rounded opinion.

  5. Yes. that is the case. I have the vetting and security clearance needed to work with children and vulnerable people. The ATC still insist on clearing it through there channels though. Its okay by me, cos i dont intend to take up a post until spring next year. Going from NCO adult to Officer is not a problem, but you will be expected to take on quite a lot of responsibility (The ATC is not very well supported in an immediate visible sense and can appear abandoned by its parent arm, but its got a lot better recently)

    I dont really care about the rank. If your any good the cadets will put you in charge, believe me!
  6. Hi FRD.

    As stated elsewhere ex Regs\TA are generally very welcome, mainly due to a wealth of experience brought with them etc.

    You will need to do Adult Induction and Initial Training Course, some Counties do a "Paperwork Transfer" of quals, some do not, depends also on the person and the quals in question plus length of time out of Reg\TA.

    Range stuff in our County needs to be re-done regardless but you would have no problem passing it. I re-took Small Bore and CRQ Full Bore. over a number of weekends.

    As stated elsewhere you will get the odd person who "does not like" Ex Reg or TA but in the majority of cases the attitude tends to be "Oh good, someone we can give lots of responsibilities to"

    Personally just coming up to 2 years done in the ACF. Found that 19 years of Reg & TA has served me well, not least having now gotten a good handle on the differences. Enjoy it if you join. I certainly do.
  7. Personally i don't see there is a major gap between the ranks in the ATC. I have lots of good friends that aren't commissioned or even uniformed and everything is very informal when not in front of the kids. As long as the job is getting done i don't stand on ceremony but perhaps that is a personal thing (not noticed a gap elsewhere though).

    As for your regular range quals. As long as it's not been longer than two years since you have left the regs then you can transfer all your regular RMQ/SAI quals with nothing more than a paper exercise to HQ Air Cadets. There is no problem with ex-regs that i have seen and i personally use it as an opportunity to swap ideas and methods for SAI lessons, range management tips and tricks, that environment i think it's disastrous to rest on your laurels. We should never stop learning.

    The actual getting into uniform bit can be a bit of a nightmare with all the vetting but if your in the North of England PM me and i'll give more advice on our area.

    Oh, if it has been more than two years other options are available to save you redoing the full package but that is down to individual cases.
  8. Very true. however sometimes Civillian instructors can be a little tooooo laid back and ill-disciplined/unprofessional for my liking. Some do, or have tried to exert a stranglehold on a sqn that is not matched by their committment or contribution. This of course, grips my sh*t somewhat. As for standing on ceremony, not too much of it in front of the cadets (start and finish parades properly, though) because, at the end of the day, most of us are just fat walters, but with a worthwhile and positive contribution to make, rather than knocking one out over an 'Ultimate Force' DVD!