Transfer of pension between HM Forces

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Themanwho, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. If er, a friend of mine were to transfer from the Army to the Royal Air Force (don't laugh, the mess kit's horrendous, but they keep you in till you're a gazillion years old) will er, my friends pension stay on the old terms or will I, er he, have to sign up to the new deal? If the latter is the case, how much of a dent would it put in the pension? All assistance will be gratefully received!
  2. Some things are just wrong.
  3. You might want to try the Forces Pension Society:

    I'm not sure whether they can/do give out one-to-one advice but they are worth a try and very least will point you in the right direction for definitive answers.
  4. If the gap in service is less than a month, it is not technically a gap (so says the scheme rules - Army Pension Warrant, the RAF QRs and the RN Order in Council) and you will remain on the old 75 scheme terms. Then if your runout date is after 5 April 06, you will receive an Offer to Transfer to the new scheme and your final award will be assessed based upon which scheme you choose to be part of.

    I suggest you give the OTT Service Centre a phone and see what they say and try to get them to confirm this.
  5. Thanks very much!
  6. If they tell you something different or they wont comit to it, PM me and i'll tell you what to do.