Transfer of medal entitlement to the Aussie Army

I'm in the process of applying to join the Aussie Army, and would like to know if I have to jump through any hoops/apply for authority to wear the medals I've picked up in my time in the British Army.
And whats the script with mess dress? :D
I seriously doubt if anyone would kick up a fuss for you wearing gongs that you are entitled too. If they do......then they have way too much time on their hands or are just jealous.

I remember a vague story of a German Soldier who had an Iron Cross who later served in the British army.



Found an Artical relating to the above.

Telegraph Story
Just read the telegraph tebagagap article. It's often easy to ignore what the german veterans suffered as much as it is regonisied the suffering of the Toms in other theatres.
We had someone come in from the NZ army. He was allowed to wear his NZ medals, (Timor and something else) the rationale being they were awarded by the same Queen. I would have thought (hoped?) that it would be the same going the other way.
At the end of the day, a gallantry award, irrespective of the country issuing it, is exactly that. Bravery or gallantry whilst under fire is something every soldier from every nature will agree on is something terrifying!

But I must say, what an interesting story!

To get back to the original subject. I have seen ex ozzies sporting ozzie medals so logic applied would advise that you won't have a problem over there. Just submit the relevant paperwork (doubt that you will be able to do so WITHOUT any paperwork... ) lol

All the best
The only problem you would have would be the wearing of foreign awards but as British Medals are not classed as foreign awards you would have no problem.

You are automatically entitled to wear them.
From Army Standing Orders for Dress (ASOD) Vol 2 part 5:

Wearing of foreign awards earned while a member of a foreign service
4.9 Approval may be given for a person enlisting in the Australian Army to wear medals earned
while a member of a foreign service. The basic criteria for approval are that:
a. such medals were earned during operations which are supported by the Australian
b. were not earned while serving with enemy forces; and
c. awards have equivalent Australian awards, for example long service awards should
have similar qualifying periods.

Link is:

See you over there hopefully :)
Our transport super is a septic from Vietnam days, the guy walks lopsided on ANZAC day cause of it. Apparently back in the early 80's/early 90's whilst a corporal a young rupert tried telling him to take them off and ended up with matching black eyes. Whilst he re-achieved his rank of corporal again in the late 90's/early 00's (he was busted back to digger). At the end of the day though it will probly come down to the arrogance/acceptance of individual staff such as RSM, CO etc.

I've seen plenty of GSMs from blokes who've come across from the British Army, so I suspect no problemo.

As for mess dress .... I'm not sure what you mean. Wearing of minitures, you're referring to? Or wearing of mess dress itself? Issue of same?

Well the website shows the officers mess dress, but theres no reference to SNCO mess dress. Do the different Corps have different mess dress scalings? Will I need to buy a new set, or can I butcher my UK set?
IrishGuard's and Nige's posts pretty much sum this up. The only issue you might have is if you wanted to wear a medal for an operation that the Oz Govt didn't support, but I can't readily bring one to mind.

Be interesting if they hadn't gone along with TELIC..... :)

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