Transfer not happening 1 year later

This is one for any admin types in the know. I need help
I filled in my transfer forms at my old unit last october and was sent on my way with best wishes from the troop OC. I am still waiting to be transfered nearly a year later.

My new unit (I say that, I've been there a year) said they have heard nothing and blame Glasgow/old unit

My old unit blame my new unit/Glasgow as they reckon that they have sent my paper work off. They also blamed JPA. As far as I am aware JPA didn't come into effect until 31st of March this year so how can this be the problem if my transfer was put through last year.

Is there someone I can contact at Glasgow to get an answer on this. I have done lots of MTD's and the money I'm owed (as I'm currently not getting paid) must be touching at least £800 and I want to make sure I get it all.

My guess is my old unit is fcuking it up as thier admin was pish at the best of time.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Short answer since I'm knackered, yes there's been problems transferring TA Soldiers with the introduction of JPA - but as you said it didn't come in till March - although there was a cut-off date for submission of forms, however it certainly wasn't in October! Methinks they lost it, "found it" and have now submitted it to Glasgow where its sat in a pile along with hundreds of others

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