Transfer/medical question

I’m currently a TA soldier with a whopping 3yrs under my belt, I’m looking to transfer but think I may have a problem.

The company I’m looking to transfer to requires me to go through selection and before I can attend selection I have to have a medical… here’s the problem.

I have to complete RG form 8, and one of the questions it ask is have I ever suffered from psoriasis.

Approximately one and a half years ago I suffered from this skin condition which covered roughly 90% of my body.
It was cured after spending a two week holiday in the sun which thankfully prevented me from spending months receiving light treatment in the hospital.
This was a one off, I’ve never had psoriasis before or since.

I’m concerned this may prevent my transfer, or even worse may lead to me being MD from the TA altogether if it comes to light.

Can anyone out there put my fears to rest or offer any advice?
The best advice I can offer, Is to explain exactly what you just wrote, to them.

I'm sure it wont stop you in any way, as long as you're truthful and explain it in context.


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