Transfer from the REME to Parachute Regiment!!???

Hello all, not sure if I am posting in the right place but I am currently a full screw in the REME and in light
of the recent announcement in changes to the structure and man power, I am seriously considering jumping
ship from the REME, and transferring to possibly Para Reg.

Does anybody know what the current manning levels are like in the Para Reg?

Would I retain rank if transfer over?

What courses would I be required to undertake and where and for how long for each required course?

Does anybody know of anyone who has previously transferred from REME to Para's?

Would the "lads" be welcoming to personnel transferring from other regiments/corps??

Any other information would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!
VG, as to "why don't you consider a commission?", the hint is right in there . "NRU a para??" That should give some indication.
I am an A mech, and lets just say I am not exactly "Officer Material"!! I don't think I would likely to be hit in the redundanc tranch! Yeah I looked into the length of the courses but was thinking more about what would be required from a transferee and if they joined the courses at a certain week! What trade and rank are you? N you sticking with it or looking into other options??
Hey, hold on there! I know a Swedish guy called Carl - he's as dyslexic as one-eyed spider and he's a KING, FFS.

Don't necessarily equate mong spelling with a mong intellect.

Well, not more than 99.99999999999% of the time, anyhow.

I did not realise that it was in fact a crime to abbreviate parts of comments/questions!! Such as the N r u - which is quicker than typing And are you!!
I may help you on a few of you initial questions. Firstly are you in 16 Bde, I would suspect not since you would know quite a lot more about reg and the reg lads since you'd probably like the rest of the REME in Bde be fighting them in town. As for transferring, Yes I believe Para Regiment would be willing to accept blokes, I would highly recommend you pass P-Coy first. It is part of Para regiment basic training and although they obviously go through depot (Catterick) it will prove you are at least fit enough as the test week for AAPPS is the same as one week of there training (week 16 I Believe although since not reg myself Im not sure). We have had a lad transfer to reg (P company trained, and didn't have to go through basic/phase two whatsoever. Will depend on your ability i guess. As for rank, expect to be a Pte, or Trooper I guess. Your skills as a class one VM are no good in leading blokes in NES(S) Afghan... And as "ALLY" as you think you are you wont be a touch on them.

Hope this has helped a little, I try to be sensible and don't post nonsense on here. Obviously as above RCMO is the man, However obviously this isn't always helpful. I have been in 16 Bde since 2008 it is a quality location and a very good bunch of lads. As previously mentioned by VG above don't rush things. Attempt All Arms Pre Para, as REME contact 8FD Coy, The Q Man in forward Plt there is a good bloke and puts the reme names forward for it. Pass that and you'll see how you feel from there (Hanging like everyone else thats done it i'd suggest...)

Good luck pal
Grifo - Many thanks for that! At last a decent response with useful information! The only reason I have not been to the RCMO yet is because I am still considering my options and thinking about my future, therefore did not want it to become common knowledge within my unit as I have known lads in the past that have gone straight to CoC/RCMO and it hindered their prospects. The information you have supplied is very useful and gives an indication of what to expect, how to go about it and personnel to contact for further information! Many thanks again.

Verticalgyro - I have been unhappy as a VM for a while because I do not enjoy the job anymore and want to do something else, plus, with the rumoured changes to the REME it would be soul destroying to sit in a REME Battalion again as it is definately not the place to be within the REME. My first unit was a Battalion and I hated it as there were to many conflicts between the "management" personnel trying to shit on each other to benefit their own careers! I have attended a PAAB and got a DW and there is also only one selection board a year now, and I think can I really be bothered to do a lot of thimngs on a course such as that, that is not relevant to your job. Yes it would probably be all worthwhile for the pay and promotion prospects but what is the point of doing a job you are not happy with. Yes it is not always possible to have a job that you are 100% happy with as all jobs have there ups and downs at somepoint!

Finally, I hope this is written in an acceptable standard for everyone! Yes there are possibly some mistakes with grammar and format, but nobody is perfect, whether they think they are or not!!!!!
Another idea would be going to 16Bde first on posting as a VM, yes there was a few of us A mechs showing the Squatters how to your beat up and P Company first. If you tick all the boxes there then going through the proper chain RCMO look at transfering then. A good % of lads I had in my fitter section were Winged up and some Dettol badge and PTI. At least that way you can give it a taster first over the next year before jumping ship. Units to look out for 8 CS , 13 Regt RLC, 7RHA, you also have Sigs, Med do find a lot of the lads who do P Coy in the REME stay around the brigade a long time and at least 8 of my Craftmen over the years I was there went as Infantry on Herricks with 2 & 3 Para...did very well then passed P Coy before/afterwards. Just remember the grass isn't always as green as you think...sometimes it pinky maroon.
but nobody is perfect, whether they think they are or not!!!!!
Yes they are, your an A mech thats pretty much perfection.
The_Iron - yes that is currently an option available to me and there is very good reason for wanting to "Jump Ship" from the REME due to the recently announced changes to various regt's/Corps!! Yes I suppose an A mech Artisan is pretty much perfection!!!
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