Transfer from The RAC to RLC Movement Controller

Evening all, I've been in the RAC for 14 years and I've just put a transfer to the RLC as a Movement Controller.

I'm searching for as much information as I can, so when I go for the assessment day interview and then to phase 2 I can speak confidently and clearly about what it is ill be doing.

I'd like the following information please:

  1. How long is phase 2 training?
  2. Where are the possible postings? or do most of them stay in South Cerney for most of their careers?
  3. Has anyone done the week long look at life course?
  4. What will i be doing day to day.
  5. Whats the average promotion rate. (I'm a Cpl and been in for 14 years).
  6. I'd like some information on the phase 2 moduals that I'll be doing.
Any other relevant information would be appreciated.