Transfer from TA to Regular

No, I'm not trying to short cut the system as I was a regular for 10 years myself.

Am now in the TA and was mobilised back in Nov 07. During mobilisation at Chilwell we received a briefing on the ability to request transfer from TA to Regular. At the time I was told this was an option for both ORs and officers.

Having yet again drawn a blank from the CoC and admin support here, does anyone know about this or if there is a DIN covering this hidden in the darkest recesses of Army Net that I am missing?

One of my soldiers is requesting transfer and I would very much like to point him in the right direction.

Very many thanks.
I did the same thing back in 2003/4.

I had left after 14 years (Grass not greener!) I had also joined the TA on leaving as I wanted the bounty.

To cut a long story short, I wound up unemployed and managed to blag a 2 yr FTRS. After one year of this, I was eligible to transfer back into the Regs on an "S" type. Not sure how it works now with V-ENG but I am sure your admin staff can help or at the very least point you in the right direction.

I can not remember the form I applied on, It was either a form out of AGAI's or a DCI (DIN now). The CO signed it and I was a civvy for a day then rejoined the Army. (I had to be discharged then rejoin)

If you get no joy, pm me and I will dig out my paperwork and let you know what the forms were.

Wierd thing is that my 22 would have been up last month had I stayed in. Now with V-Eng I am in till 2012. God I feel old now!!

Good luck