transfer from ta to reg

gaijin said:
Seriously mate - save yourself some grief from other Arrsers and just use the search function
the reason im asking is that i have been told it has to be done different ways.
i followed the advice on the Army's facebook page and asked my CO to recommend me for transfer to the regs.

then i was given a number to ring and it was just a call centre for civis who wanted to sign up, and the guy on the phone told me they didn't deal with this

so now i am not sure wat to do and thought that a fellow arrser may be more clued up and could let me know



Have you done a tour?
Reason I'm asking is that a tour seems to be the factor that dictates a transfer over (And rightly so), other than starting phase one in the regulars.

However, it can depend what you wish to go into the regulars as.
For example, two lads I know have just come back from Herrick 11, they are now joining one of our regular battalions without much fuss. At the same time though, one of our guys came back from Herrick at the tail end of last year and he decided to go regular a couple of months ago. (With change of cap badge to the signals)
He had to do ADSC (at which he was told "Why the fuck are you here?") do his BARB test, go through the whole process etc.. and he started day one, week one of phase one this week. The only reason this seemed to be is that he went from infantry to signals.
I can't help but feel that it's still pretty shite he had to go through ADSC and such.

So basically, from what I've seen it just depends really.
Walk into any Recruiting office and apply, if you have recently done an Op and wish to do the same job in the regs as it can be straight forward process, if no experience then its pretty much the same process as joining from scatch (ultimately what you will have to do will be up to which ever Corp Regiment you wish to join.)

For example TA Inf L/cpl no op experience is in the process of joining reg RE's, he will be reduced to Spr and have to complete ADSC, Ph1 Ph2 etc
i haven't been on o op tour yet. But i am fully aware that i will have to phase 1 and 2, and don't mind either. I'll post later, just finished 12 hour A&E nightshift and now goin to bed. Cheers for the replys
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