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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Can_do_attitude, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Evening all,

    I've seen there are already some threads on here and I apologize for posting what could be another repeat however there's some points I'm a little worried about and can't seem to find anything.

    Last time I was on this site I was going through basic, well now I've passed out both basic and phase 2. Been at reg since about May now and have to admit I'm not enjoying it here, think I've made a mistake on my cap badge choice. I've been thinking recenty about transferring and the RMP seems to stick out the most. However I have some concerns...

    a) Given I've not even been at this reg a year and only been in the army since June 09 is this too early in my career to express and interest to transfer?

    b) According to the army website I need a GCSE C in Maths and English however I don't have this, highest grade I have in GCSE is a D, but I do have an Intermediate GNVQ in Business and ICT, could this count towards the equivalent of a GCSE also stated on the site?

    c) As it stands right now I'm downgraded to P3 Deployable till about June this year, is this going to hinder my possible transfer. Does it make more sense to wait till I'm off rehab and fully fit again?


    d) I'm assuming I would have to go through Phase 2/trade training for the RMPs?

    Cheers all, look forward to your responces.

  2. They will try and fob you off, and claim that you need to give it a proper go before thinking about transferring and claim that it will all be brilliant after tour, after Canada, after you've settled in etc. Well, it doesn't change and I've done all those so they couldn't fob me off. To be fair, they were very good with my transfer, you just need to ensure you have all the right answers to their questions about why.

    You will need the required grades, and they certainly aren't in need of accepting people below these standards. You will be told that you need these and you won't go any further until you meet these.

    Again with your fitness, they don't need to accept people like you and would certainly not take on someone who could be a liability. Get fully fit before you go anywhere.

    Yes, you will go through the full Phase 2 training but as you are a Trooper, I'm not sure what they treat you as (a brand new phase 2 or a transferee).

    Good luck and yeah, SCOTS DG suck balls!
  3. If your down to go on tour your going if not get down the education centre and get the quals, but you can do GCSEs in afghan and retrade afterwards. I doubt you would get a transfer before june anyway P3 or not though just get fit get qualified and speak to your RCMO. Oh and never get a posting to the hohne fally garrison if you make RMP.
  4. You don't need those grades! You will be asked to attend an interview with a Deputy PM (Provost Marshal) asked all sort of questions about why you want to transfer and most likely asked to write an essay on a subject of their choosing. This is to check you can construct sentences correctly and make sense! If he is happy with that then he will invite you to attend a 2 wk attachment at an RMP company. If the RSM and OC are happy with you after 2 wks you will be given a date for the next intake at Southwick Park (the Police school).
  5. I gave notice to transfer to the RMP, however how long can this take? all my appilication for transfer is in with the rcmo, now just waiting but how long, i would like to find out?
  6. Now, I'm going out on a limb here, but why not ask your RCMO.