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Transfer from RM to BA Infantry

I've just been told I am DUDT for the Royal Marines, upon failing their phase 2 passout exercise on the third and final attempt. This was on week 22 of training, which has went on just over a year in total

Naturally I know I have some issues to address regarding why I couldn't make it into the Commando phase, and I hope to fix these before ever starting anymore training.
But I would like to know what info the staff here could provide regarding transfer.
A useless anecdote, though we had a lad fail RM officer training quite far in to the course join us for Phase 2 infantry training years back. Bloke was the first of his peer group across the RRS to do junior brecon and make full screw. If he's still in he's probably a sgt by now considering a gold standard path such as DS at RMAS in the future.

I don't know your issues, but for the likes of yourself there is still a very rewarding career with us mere mortals should you turn your disappointment to opportunity :smile:
Well that's what I'm trying to do. I may have been a toilet in a number of ways while training at CTC, but I'd like to think I can take the fitness and skills I've gathered and try and it least become a decent soldier in the infantry.
When I was a nipper, my girlfriend’s brother was a trainee Marine. He made it to the week before King’s troop (I think that’s what they called it, “pass-off squad”), and got binned. Not even back-squadded, just binned. Lack of confidence on the range. I felt pretty sorry for him at the time.


You could try getting in touch with the Army Recruiting organisation. Strange as it may seem, they may be able to give you some definitive advice.


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