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hi all im jay, im currently on herrick 10 attached to another unit ever since arriving at 3LSR abingdon ive proper lost all keenes and motivation towards the army , im a tom and have 2 years left at my posting, im interested in transfer over to electrician can anyone give me some real info on what life as electrician is like at the unit , and what promotion is like.
Due to all the new (contract) kit that is used in the Corps, the 'hands on' part of the trade is all but dead.

Promotion up to Cpl is fairly normal, but beyond that is very slow.

If you are looking at the Sigs as a Corps I would say going down the Operator route is a more viable long term route.

Have a look on the Corps website for a bit more info.
Mech. All very hands on, lots of tours if your posting is right (10), decent promotion if you keep your nose clean and work hard, and theres not many of us left, so please join the brotherhood!


if i had to do my time again and had to join the signals i would have joined as a mech (or whatever they are now), best posting, small group so if you graft and are good you will do well, relativley interesting stuff and one of the better jobs for civdiv when the time comes.

If you are really interested in being a sparky i would look at perhaps REME trades as well.

thats my thoughts anyway. Hope it helps
electrician, you must be joining the The Corps Of Royal Engineers then i take it ????

as we have the only real electrician trade within the armed forces.
Whilst I would rather normally gargle sh1t and razor blades than agree with a Wedge, I must concur with Knocker.

If you want to go for a real electrician job, go RE Sparky.

ED (or Driver Electrician to give it the full title) isn't a bad trade, but also involves alot of work on genes and their engines. A sort of trade off between a true sparky and a VM. That isn't to say you wont pick up a lot ofgood quals and experience though.

At present their promotion prospects beyond Cpl are...... pump.

Installation Tech, (formerly known as the Telecommunications Mechanic or Tele Mech (and still is known as this by those who can't step forward) is another good trade. You get to do all the wiring of Cat 5 or fibre. Running phone lines and planning routes. Again alot of good quals and although promotion slows slightly , certainly aftfer sgt, it is faster than ED (but then sky scrapers move faster than ED promotionafter Sgt!!!).

All depends what you want to do mate.

I reccomend (as you are tour) you ask yourself what you want to do.... ask on here or look through the Army site to find jobs that interest you, and then ask on here and around base people who actually do the jobs.

Then attend an Internal Transfer fare when you return.

Remember... you can also transfer Services now, as well as capbadge or trade.
As I said before its all about what you want.

Tele Mech promotion is worse than R Sigs Elec, FACT.

Knocker is right about the electrician part, the RE sparkys get all the civvy quals and work closer to the civvy side, where as Sigs Elecs work more on the plant side. (CF, please use the proper trade title :wink: )

I am not in any way dissing the trade, but in this day and age, there are better options out there.


Inst Tech isnt bad although postings are drying up. Expect to be augmented out on Ops a lot (but its good solid graft when there, not there to do life support).

Good quals and decent promotion to Sgt then it grinds to a halt. Its either dead mans shoes or jump across to the RD roster as an SQMS or Mil Trg.

I believe its still a pinch trade at LCpl.

Long term future for Inst Techs will be ok as long as Herrick lasts after that I would guess they are in for the chop (unless another Op starts elsewhere).

I would agree with heidtheba and have a look at Comms Sys Op.


yer i have been on the sigs websitem, and had a look at comms system operator, it does seem quite appealing to me, is there any comms system ops on here who can give me a real insight to what its like.

theres only few things im interested in knowing alot about and thats

1. whats it like for UK south postings?
2. isit possible to get some good civilian qualifactions?
3. whilst returning to phase 2, will i be treated as a phase 2 again ?
4. and what the transfer time like?

sorry for not replying as often as i would like , getting spammed quite a bit at the moment.


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