Transfer from REME Soldier to RM Commando Officer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by reme_wanna_be, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Quick background, I'm currently at phase 2 to become a techy, but I am not enjoying it, and it is not how I pictured my Army career going (not spending any/very little time actually in the field)

    I tried to transfer to infantary at phase 1, but was told it was not possible.
    Now I am at phase 2 it is possible to transfer and have had people transfer to Royal Marines and RAF. I left college with fairly decent A-Levels (BBB), and got a good report from Phase One and love being in the field, and thrive in that environment. I also have a good background in leadership with civvy qualifications in coaching rugby, football and athletics, as well as being captain of the rugby team.

    I really want to transfer to infantary but am put off by what I will do when I leave.

    Therefore I was just wondering would it be possible to tranfer from being a solider to Commando officer?

    Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to start going up the chain of command, asking about transfers/leaving etc before I know what I want to do 100%.

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Don't quite understand where you are coming from. You don't like the sound of the infantry but you want to go Cdo?

    Why didn't you go to uni if you were so concerned about what you were going to do after you got out from the Forces?

    Advice? If you want Cdo, I'd advise that you get out, go to uni, find out a bit more info...grow up a bit.... and then think about trying to back in, in what ever role you aspire too.

    Remember getting officer selection either for army or Cdo is a little harder than signing on as a soldier. No disrespect to anyone with that statement, simply a fact.

    PS pretty much everyone spends a good amount of field these days.....
  3. one option you may be told is to leave the army all together and join the Royal Marines from civvie street because it will be faster. Nothing is faster when re-joining/enlisting into the same service let alone another so i would advise really trying to push for a transfer.

    From my experiences with Royal Marine training (not officer), it was extremely hard yet also enjoyable. PM me if you want to chat
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Crap. Transfers are not the norm, especially not x service. Even more unusual would be for the transferee to be accepted to go forward to officer selection from being a serving soldier without a full endorsement of his capabilities and leadership potential from his current unit.

    Perhaps you might like to check the % of any officer intake, army or RM that is non-grad. It is v v small. If you want to have a chance to prove your abilities then get out and try after you have been to uni.
  5. So, you're in SEAE and yet you know what there is to know about everything? How do you know that there's little time in the field? Im sure the lads out in the FoB's would love to hear that.

    Do you think that the teeth arms spend every week out on ex when they aren't deployed?
  6. probably quicker to bin it and start the officer selection process. The process of evaluating a bod for potential OR-->Officer is a slow process

    however you could be entirely fecked off on application leaving you with feck all
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    REME tom to commission in RM?

    >Wah mode on< WWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH >Wah mode off<
  8. Do phase 2, then AACC and posting to 3 Cdo Bde?
  9. You've not even left training yet!

    How the hell do you know what REME guys do in the field!! - top tip start speaking to the class 1 students or the ROS whose probably on his tiffy course and ask them about their day to day work, exercises and deployments and I suspect you might find out you re talking bollocks! Every single unit in Stan has REME guys with them - generally everywhere they go you go - and you get a trade out of it.

    In infranty units it can get very boring in unit lines when not deployed whereas at least you would have on-going work/overtime to keep you amused whilst they re chilling.
  10. Guys I think this lad is a bullsh!t artist. In his other posts he's claimed to be an ex pro academy rugby player and yet noone at SEAE seems to have heard about him & he's certainly not the 1st XV captain either. Sounds like yet another attention whore/day dreamer to me

    Funny how easy it is to check up on things on here..........
  11. Easy to use the old rugby connections for info. I was chatting to someone in HQLF about you the other night ;)
  12. Reme_wannabe wish i was in your shoes mate. I certainly wouldn't be on this forum spitting my dummy out, because I didn't spend enough time out in the field.
    I know I'm not you but I bet if you did leave then you would eventually regret it, maybe not now but a few years from now?
  13. JQ?
  14. Just thinking really.....but...... wouldnt someone who's worried about what they will do after the army be better in the REME where they get valuable mechanical quals/experience as well as deploying on ops (as lets face it, broken stuff dont fix itself).

    Wish i was in his position of being almost through basic training rather than waiting for ADSC. just a thought. Though if he's a wah like the above posters suspect than it matters not lol
  15. No, Dion (is that how his name is spelt??)