Transfer from REME Aircraft Artificer to RAF Engineering Officer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by monkfish 01, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    Just looking for some information, help or advice that people out there may be able to help me with.

    I am a current serving Staff Sergeant Aircraft Artificer in the REME who has completed 13.5 years and i am considering a transfer to the RAF as an Engineering Officer. I understand it has been done before but i am unable to find any offical information on the process and what exactly happens.

    I have been to see my RCMO and he has been in contact with RAF Cranwell who have told me to complete the application form for the RAF and to complete the general transfer request and that will start the process.

    I was therefore wondering if anyone has any experience of this or if anyone could answer some of the many questions i have:

    1. What is the exact process and approximate timeframe for this transfer?
    2. Is it possible to transfer over as an 'LE' Officer or would i have to go in as a 'DE' (i.e. join as a Flt Lt rather than a pilot Officer)?
    3. Would i keep the same pay?
    4. How would my pension be affected?

    I know i am asking for a lot but any help would be appreciated. Also any other information would be greatly received

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  2. FFS You've posted this in the NAAFI bar and not the REME or Officer's forums?!!!
    Obviously fecking bright.
    1. Don't know but have 3 friends who have done it and am aware of more Powder Poofs doing the same. Am sure if you ask some of your ASMs then they will have peers who have done it
    2. RAF don't have "LE", everyone is effectively "DE".
    3 & 4 Dont know

    I fecking despair. This is the standard of Tiffies these days?????? (Mind you, it makes me feel better about the new one I have. He's a space cadet too but I dont think even he would ask a question like this here)
  3. Sparky,

    I posted in here as i know it's viewed a lot more than any of the more dull area's on ARRSE and i therefore knew i'd get a faster response than anywhere else, which you proved by responding so quickly. Thanks for that by the way!!
  4. FFS when you didn't think you could go any air tech becoming a Tiffy then transferring to the crabs. Sparky just remember when you was a Sproggy Tiff they hadn't invented the internet :pirat:

    In the NAAFI so fair game for Tiffy bashing
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  5. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    More likely to go across as a Sgt than an officer. Last person I knew that went across had to drop a rank. Although accepting a position in the RAF might count as a reduction in rank......
  6. You fucking bellend Monkfish.

  7. You are right in that a normal transfer across does usually result in a drop in rank. However the job i am applying for is an officer position and therefore, in order to be accepted for that role i must also commission.

    Also, there is no way i would transfer across if it required a drop in rank, as it would be a stupid career choice considering i am likely to promote to WO2 in the next 2-3 years!!!!
  8. Not until the hole in my arse heals up.
  9. Oh dear oh dear, I can think of at least 4 people that transferred across with no problems, however I do think you maybe should have asked your adults about this as I'm fairly sure they would have had some idea.
    If this is the standard these days, I really do despair.
    Oh, and if your wondering, no, I'm retired.
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