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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by sTAb_Cav, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. We have someone interested in joining our unit (TA) that has current reserve liability.

    Is there a way to transfer from the reserve to the TA without having to go throught the depressing 203 route at Glasgow?

    Or is reserve liability different to being in the regular reserve.
  2. Isnt it just the same as someone who just left the regulars to joining TA/AR?
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    In a word, no. An AF B203 must be submitted no matter what the type or length of previous service was. If and when they are attested, their Regular Reserve liability is superseded by their new status as a member of the Volunteer Reserves.
  4. I thought 203 was needed but hoped for a different answer.

    Guess we'll be losing yet another ex-reg to the ridiculous waiting times of Glasgow.

    Good job all the fresh applicants are amazing and haven't got asthma or depression........ oh wait
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  5. I am a Regular Soldier going through process of joining TA at the moment (my discharge date is 19 Aug 12). DIN 2012DIN01-018 lays out a new easy & refined process for Reg's AND anyone within 3 years of discharge wanting to join.

    The process has been greatly simplified and all TAC's will have possession of said DIN.
  6. Good man, Happy. Could you now take the said DIN and apply it to the question being asked? The DIN, about which we are all aware, makes no difference to the answer. That answer is still No. Form 203 must still be used.

    If you are saying that by the magic of the DIN, the Form 203 process has become any less depressing, then you are only partly right. It is quicker and easier now for those still in the regular Army and those within a year of leaving it to join the TA.

    But for those who have been out for more than a year, or who have left as anything other than P1/MFD (ie, fully fit) the process is more depressing than ever due to lack of resourcing of the people dealing with these applications in Glasgow. For them, the process takes at least six months, often only to produce a "Feck off". During that waiting time, the ex-reg seeking to join will, no doubt, blame the STABs and their failure to read DINs, or appreciate their magic power.