Transfer from RAMC Phase 2 to infantry

I'm at Keogh at the moment, and I feel really disappointed at the prospect of being a medic. I was excited after passing out of Winchester, but now I don't feel like I'm being challenged at all.

Any one know if there is a possibility transferring to the infantry?
Little tip for you, try and get your trade training done and transfer at the end of phase two. Ok, you'll still have to do Inf phase 2 etc, but you'll be doing it as a trained medic which could be very useful career wise - good luck!
Get out of it as soon as you can, believe you me it will be well worth it in the end, I know I was in the same situation.
Don't do it mate, not untill you've tried it. How about you get to your unit, then get attached. You can then have all the fun and sack the BS. I'm an ex infanteer of 11 yrs, been recce, sniper, anti-tanks and finally med centre. Before I transfered to the RAMC as my Regt got disbanded. Done a painful two years in a med regt but going back to teeth arms as a medic, which is the best place for us. Try it and see.
Is it being a CMT that doesnt do it for you or is it the whole medical thing? if its CMT then look at the other trades available:
ODP, BMS, Radiographer, Drain sniffer, transfer to the QAs and be a nurse.

If its the medical side of things then think very carefully about who you want to transfer to and take heed of what Airfix said above about getting your trade first, RMAs are very well thought of in the Infantry.

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