Transfer from RAF to MPGS

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ameoba1949, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I am currently an SAC Supplier in the Royal Air Force and have been in 8 and a half years, am considering taking the plunge and tranferring to MPGS and currently looking for info to see if i can transfer straight over or i have to pvr then re-enlist back into the army, waiting times etc.........If anyone has any info it would be much appreciated Thanks
  2. You're not what could be called the ambitious type, are you?
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  3. Not really just after some info?
  4. Why not contact Southwhick park or visit an ACIO?

    taking the plunge, why not the RAF Regt?

    By the way, on the DII homepage there's a big recruitment drive on with contact details.
  5. taking the plunge was just an expresion just need something closer to home which suits my needs thanks for the help
  6. does anyone have any info at all on this subject?
  7. cheers for that have pm'd you
  8. cheers much appreciated
  9. Just to add to this thread, i have currently been in liason with local ACIO to help them boast the recruitment into MPGS.

    One of these intiatives is straight transfer from Army, Navy and RAF units, there is currently a trial with one person from each branch being traialled (might be finished now) but we cannot be seen to be poaching.

    You might take the piss biscuits but loads who did in the past are now MPGS, not so bad eh?

  10. Your 'last statement' is not fully correct, however if you can PM evidence then so be it as IRCC it's only been discussed and on the backburner at the moment due to budget & manpower numbers
  11. Surely with redundancies across the uniformed services atm recruiting into MPGS isn't going to be hard?
  12. Depends if 'certain' people's attitude change towards this type of work, many & it's understandable hate the fact of stagging on, barrier up/down etc, judging by the debates on here, the younger generation have 'its boring its shite' stagging on, and when they receive a reply whats worse than stagging on....being unemployed then they see sense, well at least some do,

    I believe the Unit has the full support of all HOS due to their flexibility factor which is reassuring for the MPGS this affects, I also understand many have been frustrated by the slow pace APC have dealt with applications et,

    Good luck to them...
  13. cheers for the info guys hopefully i can get something sorted either i can transfer straight across or pvr and just re-enlist again
  14. I imagine you will have to PVR, doubt if your bosses will let you transfer since Supply are short of SAC's
  15. cheers acrab just want to know so i can get process moving will try transfer first then will pvr if no joy on that front