Transfer from RAF TO MPGS, Any bounty and pension rights?

Hello all, Thanks for any advice in advance, heres my predicament, I left the RAF 1 year ago after 9 years service, I am in the process of joining the MPGS and would like to know whether I am entitled to the 12 year bonus when I have completed 3 years in the MPGS? or is this just RAF?Also how does the 22 year pension work with transferring between services, does it still continue? My thought is if I complete a further 13 years service in the MPGS then I will recieve an immediate service pension and 22 year bounty? if anyone can clarify this or give me a good number of someone who can help me further it would be appreciated, once again many thanks.
You will need to check this but I think that you may well find that on rejoining the MPGS you will have been tranferred to AFPS05 terms which are very different to those of AFPS75 which you were on in the RAF.

94560.3600 or a JPA I-Support.
You will be on 05 pension scheme when you re - enlist, your previous pension will be preserved and on joining your new unit you need to discuss your agregation options with your admin support staff.
With reference to your 12 year bounty AGC (MPGS) do not qualify for retention bounty due to the MLSE engagement.
I have sent you a PM with my contact details please ring me if you require any further info.

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