Transfer from RA to Infantry


How long would the transfer process take to transfer from the RA to the parachute Regiment?
And when i join the Para's as i have already completed basic training and other courses what week would i join the training?


It could take upto 5 months for all the paperwork to be completed, then you would have to wait for a course date. But it could take only a few months, it differs with every person.
Are you in between phases of training?


As far as I'm aware it doesnt take that long, if your still in training and bring it up with your troop staff asap they will start the ball rolling and you should get packed off to catterick within weeks.. (3 max.. usually) if you end up waiting for a course you'll either get put into another troop as an odd recruit (it happens every now n again) else they will send you on leave/ put you in holding troop until suitable course is available.. but like i said, sooner you tell your troop staff the better.. Personnally i would say you were better off staying specialist rather than infantry.. better skills for civvie life..

If you have completed Basic training you should start at week 6 point

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