Transfer from R Signals to Infantry??

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by chainsaw321, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. I'm thinking about transferring from the Royal Signals to the Infantry. Would you say go for it, or discourage me??
  2. Are you mad?
  3. This probably isn't the best way to have your decisions made for you. Asking strangers on the internet who are unfamiliar with your specific situation. I've done it before, BIG MISTAKE! The older gentleman said he was just going to take some photos to remember the occasion by and it all went wrong, big "No-no", wouldn't recommend it.

    Why do you want to transfer? What's wrong with your current unit? What's so good about the infantry? Look at the chain of command in the unit you are in, then look at the chain of command of the unit you wish to join. Would you like to be any of those people in 'x' number of years time?

    P.S. If any of either coc want to take photos of you say "NO".
  4. Why not try a stint with one of the Royal Signals Infatnry Support Teams first?
  5. Well that would rather depend on what you wanted out of the Army. If it is Infantry work that you in fact actually want to do; that is, close with and destroy the enemy, then yes come on over to the Infantry.

    If you just want to get out and about more than your current trade role allows, as chocolate frog states above, there are plenty of roles within the Corps that allow you to work alongside and in direct support of the Infantry. The Infantry is not for everyone, and I have myself directed a couple of clearly misfitted Riflemen towards a transfer to the Corps in years past.
  6. The main reason is i want to prove to myself that i can do the training. Also i think it would develop me into a stronger person physically and mentally.
  7. So how about 216? AACC? or some of the other challenging roles with the Corps?

    You could also try out for some of the out of role jobs such as Spec OP or full on 22 SAS.

    If you prove to yourself you can do the training, what happens if you then fancy coming back across? Or trying some other training? Seems a big step to prove yourself. What if you fail, but then the Signals don't want you back?