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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rod RG26, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Sorry didn't know which area to put this. I'm in the OTC just started my training and not really enjoying it for quite a few reasons. Thinking about transferring to my local TA by my university.
    Firstly can i transfer from being a group B to group A reservist or do i have to rejoin?

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of uni and TA ? would they do it differently ?
    (sorry not sure how to word that)


  2. Yes you can direct transfer but will probably need to speak to the OC and maybe even the CO if you're moving across to be a TAPO. You'll be treated more like a grown up (in my experience) but will be expected to keep higher standards, especially as a potential officer.

    Good luck, i'm sure someone will be along soon to give you a more thorough breakdown.
  3. Cheers Yeoman. I'm thinking about transferring as pte, I would like to be an officer in the long run but want to get some experience under my belt before applying for a commission.
  4. The transfer itself will simply be a paperwork exercise (Form JPA001 I believe) but you will enter your new unit as a recruit/new entry/SuT/whatever, unless you have passed AOSB in which case at the CO's discretion you may enter as an officer cadet.
  5. Depending on how far along you are into training dont you get 2 stripes if you go from OCdt to TA/pte
  6. No.........................
  7. I know a couple of people who have gone down the route A route, both as pvt and ocdt's. Bar a couple of units most a good with the whole uni thing, probably as my local ones are begging for young officers. Have a chat with the guys(ie third year/DS) in your OTC that have done it before and they will be able to point you in the right direction.
    don't worry about what they think of you/your transfer, everyone realises the limits of OTC and the chances are the same problems that you raise are ones that they share.
    PM sent
  8. stay with the OTC, generally from my experience in the London otc you will find nowhere else that offers you as much green stuff. You can do alot with the otc that you probably couldn't do with the local TA, you can do a different special to arm weekends pretty much every weekend aswell as commando student, p company etc aswell as loads of subsidised AT.
  9. If you want to go commando join RMR, if you want to do P Coy join 4 Para and if you want to do AT join the's not really any different you are just trained a lot better for the role you are given unlike you do with the OTC which is more of a general oversite. I did the whole OTC to TA transfer and by far I prefer the TA...maybe it's my company but it's a lot stricter and demanding which I like. I get to deploy as well.
  10. Out of interest, what were you planning to do when you're on vacation?
    The TA would prefer you to turn up even when it's not term time.

    It sounds like you've only been in the OTC for a couple of months. I suggest that you stick with it. The OTC is designed to work around university life.
    Trust me you'll see a lot of bullshit/people you don't like/amateurs in life. Better get used to it.
  11. Depends which OTC and what you want to achieve. From experience it seems OTC's offers much more relevant and sometimes better AT for a student; the courses are deliberately during holidays, tend to be loaded with more people your own age and from what I've seen go to more interesting locations.

    I can't disagree more that "it's not really any different"; there's a world of difference between being a tom in the TA and an OCdt in the OTC and if you push for it the OTC can offer a lot more then a "general oversite". The modular courses the OTC's base their training around means the training is directly relevant to TACC, and although you may not be interested in that currently it'll give you a look at what you'd do as a platoon commander later in your career.

    If you wanted to get right into the gritty green stuff instead there are competitions such as Marshall Merlin and Cambrian Patrol at which OTC's tend to excel, due to keen team members and a larger pool for selection. I know of two TA teams with my friends in that did not compete due to failing to make up the numbers for a full patrol, while the OTC can usually find enough people who are willing/bonkers enough to do Cambrian even considering injuries, courses etc. To be frank if I'd paraded with the RA wing of my OTC I would have attempted to close my head in the breech of a 105mm, but instead I was with the inf, who had a totally different mindset.

    Having done TA and OTC both offer a large, and often very different range of challenges depending on what you want to achieve. I felt I'd exhausted what the OTC had to offer and so moved on to a TA unit which is posing a whole new set of challenges. I'd recommend sticking with the OTC for the moment; it's tailored around university and if you still feel this way in 6 months you can transfer to the TA. I'd also advise asking your Chief Clerk about the TA Potential Officers (TAPO) scheme which allows you to train with both the OTC and TA.

    Good luck.
  12. Maybe it's me but my TA unit is more than willing to slot training in around my University life...they have the principle that the TA is secondary to my education so they are pretty fine with that. Plus I live quite locally to my TA unit anyway so it doesn't really fuss me and even so I enjoy to TA so I am more than willing to turn up when it's not turn time.
  13. Also depends on your OTC - my old one was inf only, and they all do things very differently to all the rest - so if I wanted a different Arm (I did) I had to move on.

    Horses for courses.
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  15. Stick with the OTC as it's great fun and will give a good oversight which you may not necessarily receive when moving to the 'big' TA! Afterwards you might decide to go regular