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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabandswat, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. I am thinking of transferring units, the thing is I want to do Pet Op in the RLC. Anyone know what the squadron is to transfer to for this? I realise that I have to tell my unit where i'm going to so I contacted the RLC via e-mail but they have not got back yet.
  2. prety sure Pet Op's a secialist unit based at Grantham so not the amount of training days/bounty if you do it for the money .......unless some new units have popped up since the recent changes thats been anounced
  3. 383 Commando Petroleium(spelling?) Troop RLC Specialist TA at grantham
  4. Did you just say Commando? I think i'll pass on that bit!!

    Brettaraider, Grantham is the place you're right but do I just tell my unit it is Grantham or do I need to know the sqn etc?
  5. Try 124 Pet Sqn - they're part of 151 Regiment and based around Warley/Maidstone.

    Otherwise it's Grantham for the life of a Specialist.

    Didn't the new TA ORBAT mention new RLC units? Might also be worth looking at that, in case they're reconstituting more Pet Op Sqns.
  6. Cutsy, you are a gem. Keeping my options open in case the RAF don't want me lol.
  7. 126 Pet Sqn is part of 160 Tpt Regt based at Grantham having moved from 166 Sp Regt under FAS. As far as I'm aware they do the bulk of their training at West Moors.

  8. Have you got any experience in this field? Specialist Units usually rely on their people having at least related experience as there's less opportunity to trade-train. If so, you could also consider 503 STRE (Fuels Infra)(V) (part of 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group Royal Engineers) based in Chilwell. 509 STRE (Ports Infra)(V) and 507 (Railway Infra)(V) could also be alternatives.

    STsRE do sunnier Camps than RLC. ;)