Transfer from Non Infantry to 4 Para

RePosted here after advice in Infantry Forum

Bring_back_maggie said:
What would be the proceedure to transfer from one (non Inf) TA unit to 4 Para? What sort of selection is there and aside from CIC and P coy (which I know I would have to do) is there any other training before that, or does what Ive done before count for anything

My fizz is well below par, but I am working hard at it. should i wait til im up to speed with that or should i be making enquires sooner?

Lastly, whats the correct way to go about it? Approch 4 para first? Tell my CoC im interested in going first?

I have two years in a non Inf unit
Approach your coc first would be the polite thing to do.You never know might suddenly offer you some goodies to stay :D (Stranger things have happened )
Imho I think you should sort out your fitness before approaching 4 para as rocking up being ready to go into the training whenever it starts would be better than rocking up and then needing time to get fit or failing entry

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