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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by drunkensailor, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have any information abouit transferring from the RN to the Army? I have seven years served, would my pay and pension benefits transfer over too? I've put my notice in, but still have a good eleven months to go, will I have to wait until my notice is served out?
    Any and all advice would be appreciated!
  2. I Had a friend who went from Army to RAF a few years ago, took the transfer about 18 months to go through from initial contact to joining the RAF. I know you don't simply transfer, you leave one service and join another and you have to do the minimum service required for that service arm. Your pension continues, same as those who leave the forces full stop and rejoin. With regards to pay, it depends on what your substansive rank is on discharge and what trade you are (please remember; this is all from what I remember from someone doing something simular to what you want to do so it may be a litlle off). MCM Div will look at your case once it arrives and the decision with regards to pay will ultimately be made by them. If your stuck for all answers, see your equivilant of our Regimental Careers Management Officer (RCMO). He/She will or should anyway, have all the answers you require for your quest to continue.
  3. I would add that the whole transfer thing is quite tricky and involves a sh1tload of paperwork. DO NOT listen to anyone who says you should leave and then apply for the army, you must insist on transferring. If you leave and then apply to join, there will be a break in Service and this will affect your pension.
  4. I'll just add my 2pf worth to this...
    I was always under the impression that to move from one service to another, you did have to get out of one service and then enlist into the other. I just made a call to a friend in Glasgow about this, for my own peace of mind, and it does seem that I was wrong, you CAN transfer service to service. With this in mind, I would certainly recommend, as airforceone has already, that you transfer rather than discharge and then enlist. As you have already stated, you still have 11 months to push out, and enlistment to the Army can take anything up to 12 months to go through. Not what you want!
    Speak to your chain of command, get in to see your careers officer/ advisor, and get a transfer request in.
  5. I second the above, if you leave the re-apply there is going to be a gap 6 months + in your pension and you may even go in as a basic recruit.

    To save any confusion, I didn't mean you yourself leave the Navy then you yourself apply for the Army.
  6. I have come across two blokes who have transfered to the army, one was a radar type with the Navy, had done seven years and transfered to the Black Watch, he obviously had to do basic from scratch but as said before kept his pension etc.

    The other one came from the RAF Reg to the RCT, he had done two years with the Rocks and skipped his first two weeks of basic.
  7. Does anyone know if paveway_3 is still on this site in any way shape or form? Obviously if he has a new name and doesn't wish it to be known, then PM me the details please. I only ask as I have worked with him in the past, and know he was previously a submariner, and may have first hand knowledge.