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Discussion in 'RLC' started by nickh33, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, need a little advice.
    Been serving in the infantry for the last 10 years and looking to transfer due to medical reasons. Currently p3 however still deployable. Looking to transfer to the RLC as a supplier so looking for a brief from those who are in post.
    My current rank is Cpl and was also wandering if i would have to give that up and become a bod again?
    Any help much appreciated

  2. H

    You might struggle to tfr at the moment, many trades have closed to transferees due to the buoyant recruiting situation. That said, Supplier has been traditionally seriously undermanned so you might be in with a shout. The alternative might be comms spec which i know is undermanned.

    Sorry, not sure about the rank thing, but i'd be surprised if you reverted to Pte again, maybe LCpl.

    Your best bet to get up to date info is to get in touch with MCM through the RCMO for the latest picture. Or go to one of the internal recruiting fairs.

    Good Luck.
  3. nick.

    if you've made full-screw in 10yrs in inf this suggests that you're pretty switched on and motivated.

    have you considered driver trade, you may find it more what your used to, in terms of structure, management / leadership, hands on, the lads etc.
  4. Nick, I suggest you speak to the CRLO at Deepcut who will give you the definitive answer wrt to most suitable trade and tx with rank. Dvr 110 may be more suitable as it is one of the more 'regimental' trades, Supplier is less so, but there are probably vacancies at Cpl and Sgt etc, there aren't at Dvr 110 - plus it can take 8+ years to get from Cpl to Sgt. Postal and Courier and Movement Controller are undermannned at Cpl and above but may be too much of a cultural change for you. Have you considered Ammo Technician, I'm not sure of age restrictions but they are well short and it suits more switched on and mature people (promotion prospects are awesome for right people although the selection and trg is challenging)?

    CRLO's your man... Good luck.
  5. My bold. It's fortunate you put the comma in the correct place otherwise you may have attracted a whole different breed of potential transferees! 8)
  6. Of the replies posted, this one is spot on. We have entered a new era with regard to transfers. A year ago the Corps was doing all it could to attract new soldiers. We are now filling up very quickly and most trades are now effectively closed. Log Spec (Supply), Comms Spec and AT have vacancies, there are few other options open.

    The comment to advise you to speak with the RCMO is accurate. The situation is changing on a weekly basis.
  7. Nice to see some good advice given to an Infanteer with bags of encouragement, well done the RLC
  8. Although if you want to stay a Cpl forever then go for Driver trade, but there is more to do within the Supplier trade
  9. At last........

    ....oooh! spoilt it :roll:
  10. A brief I got last month is that we are stiil (despite the recruitment figures being up) 125 suppliers short. I know people who have tranfered at the rank of Cpl recently (Quite a few Ghurkas in that number).There is a scheme coming up where drivers can temporarily tranfer (6 months to a year)without being career fouled to see if they like it).
    A problem you will have is the time taken to do your trade courses, You may have to wait to do your B3 course (although not normally very long) then you must wait a year to gain your B2 qualification, before then applying for your B1 (not sure if there is a time bar inbetween as we do our B2 as privates). You will need your B1 to get promoted, so you are talking about 2 years before you will be qualified, even then all your peers will have a time in trade advantage over you when the board sits.

    You should keep your substansive rank.

    We are on the lower payband until WO2 rank.

    If you do decide to tranfer, turning up with a C+E license, a hyster licence and whatever the latest FLRT is licence (524 I think) will save you a considerable amount of time.
  11. Although recruiting is buoyant and the training pipeline is full, there are still large black holes elsewhere in the ORBAT. Some of those holes will be filled as people stay in rather than resigning at breakpoints but do not be fooled by the news that we are up to strength. We aren't.

    I reckon the gaps at senior Cpl/Sgt and senior Capt/Maj will be there for a while yet.

    The OP, if switched on, may be able to exploit the gap(s)!