transfer from infantry to a core

i want to transfer from the infantry to a corps i am currently a full screw and dont want to lose my rank any one know where i can transfer to and have no loss of rank i have signals quals so if i can find a job there that would be ideal
I've been trying the same thing and have been hitting a brick wall with it. According to my RCMO, the REME, RE,RLC,AAC are no longer accepting transfers because of the sdsr. The only corps taking people are the int corps and royal signals as far as I'm aware. Shit for me but if sigs is your thing u should be fine
You have rank and leadership qualitys, maybe a training role in the sig quals you already have. An instructor having experienced the right way and the wrong way is so valuable. Any spacker can use a radio etc.

Speak to someone at work regarding potential moves, and ask Santa for a ******* dictionary.

The powers that be tend to bend over backwards to minimise the financial impact of a move, moving to Sigs for example could see a reduction in rank with no loss of pay.

Good luck.

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