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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Rightsirleftform, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, before I start I'll just mention that I do realise that similar threads to this one have been pretty much done to the death on this site so I appreciate some of the more senior members are probably sick to the back teeth but do please hear me out .. I've been in the army just under 2 years now in one of the Guards regiments and in that time I've been on a Herrick tour and done a Queens birthday parade but now I've decided that I want to ask for a transfer as I'm fed up of working in a company that's made up 90% of bods that are only interested in getting pissed most nights of the week and are for the most part completely unprofessional. Anyway the problem that I have is that I only have a D grade in maths and what I'm on here to ask Is if I was to apply to transfer would my service record and how I'd perform on an attachment be taken into consideration ? Not that I want to come across as "big-timing" it at all but I do have "above the expected standards" in all areas on my reports and have an excellent report from my time in Afghanistan so is it possible that the fact that I wasn't amazing at maths be overlooked with the fact that I'm a capable and professional soldier?
  2. I'm not sure what the maths requirement is in the RMP, but I'm guessing there is a reason for it. You can soldier out of your earholes but if they need quadratic equations and you're stuck on long division, then you should be able to work out what they're going to say. What does the CoC say? What options were on your jobs list? Was one of the options RMP?
  3. From my experience as a transferee, everyone who didn't have C or above at GCSE level in Maths and English awarded in the last 3/4 years had to do Level 2 Maths and English. We had a lad with a law degree and A-Levels in Maths and English but still had to sit through Level 2 Maths and English. I'd imagine it wouldn't be a massive stumbling block, but if you are intent on going for it make sure you have a list of reasons on why you want to transfer when speaking to your Troop/Platoon Sergeant who should staff it up the chain til you eventually get an interview with the RCMO.
  4. So just to clarify, were you basically saying there that basically I could get the transfer but would have to do level 2 maths before/after doing so?

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  5. Nope, it will be done in the first few weeks of being at Southwick Park by a civvy company, Babcock, unless things have changed in the past 2 years.
  6. Okay! Well I've got my list of reasons and I'm intent on getting this transfer so I just hope that my CoC won't try and block it as I've heard transferring out of my regiment isn't the most common/easiest of things but we do have a lad who transferred over to us and didn't even do any infantry specific training yet was one of the best blokes in the company so hopefully if I put him up as an example I could at least get the ball rolling and hopefully get an attachment, just annoying that I've gotta wait just under 2 weeks till we get back from leave.

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  7. Hi buddy, I am transferring my self to the RMP. The process is fairly easy, first thing you need to do is go through your CoC stating with your SSM. From there you will have many interviews, 1st one with the SSM, 2nd with your OC, 3rd with your RCMO and the final one with your CO. Once these are done and your CoC has accepted your application for a transfer your paper work will be sent to Glasgow and will go though many departments. Once they accept your paper work you will then have a movement order from the Core man within the RMP to go for a 2 day fitness assessment, medical and the 2nd day is an English and Math test followed by a interview. The report will then go back to the RMP Core man if he is then happy with your report he will create another movement order. After this you will be put on a two week placement with the RMP where you will be assessed. This will go back again the RMP Core man and will give you a Warning Order for Phase 2 training where you will do 6 month training at Southwick Park. I hope this has helped you.
  8. WTF is a "core" man?
  9. The man at the centre of everything of course. Usually some fat bloke in the Corporal's Mess who's been in for 12 plus and is down graded due to a 'rugby' injury incurred during a match that no one else attended (most likely somewhere in Germany last decade) which gives him a bit of jip in the run up towards any fitness assessment or requirement for manual labour, but which is miraculously absent at social functions or on occasions when the OC wants a job doing which carries brownie points. He likes pies and chips and beer and not necessarily in that order. He knows everything about everything and if he hasn't done it, his mate has. I give you...the 'Core' man! (Or 'Fat Pete' as we knew him)
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  10. So not the Regimental Apple Secretary then?
  11. Every core I.E RLC, REME, RMP and all other core's there is in the hole of the Army carry's a big boss who is a WO1. He is just like your RSM (WO1) but he is in control of so many camps within his core, he mainly walks around with a Brigadier just like the camp RSM walks around with the CO. The core RSM has control who transfers to his core (RMP). Hard to explain. I suggest if you're in the Army then ask your CoC (chain of command) just in case you don't know what I mean.

    I am guessing you're a crow bag as well, do you know what one of these are?
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  12. Especially for you it would seem
  13. There are core RSM's and camp RSM's?

    It's gone downhill.
  14. Equality and Diversity don't you know...
  15. Madd_Dog. It is spelt 'Corps'. My brain flinched every time you wrote 'core'.